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  1. Murkemur

    New Mavic Air Pilot from Netherlands, Groningen. Living in Madrid!

    Good afternoon ladies- and gentlepilots, My name is Mark 'Murkemur' Roossien and I'm a 26-year old guy flying with his Mavic Air drone in Netherlands and Spain. I am having my (plane)flight beginning of August and will live in Madrid with my girlfriend for a year. Going to fly the drone quite a...
  2. R

    Another new Mavic Air Pilot joins the crew

    Hi all, Got my MA a little while ago and done about 74 flights. UAV reports highest altitude of 97.6m and a longest flight time of 14m08s, max speed 61.38 km/h and longest kilometrage 1,741 m. I have kept up to VLOS and been no farther than 362m. Shot some video in the Netherlands and China and...
  3. celurae

    Mavic above the Delta works ( Netherlands )

    The weather was great today. Crystal clear & almost no wind :D :D Took the Mavic out to fly above some parts of the magnificent Delta Works in southern Netherlands. Hope you will like the result!
  4. JoostGT3

    Chasing a windsurfer... SPORTS mode required!!!

    So last weekend, I went windsurfing with a friend of mine on the local lake. After a while I got tired and returned to shore, and decided to get the Mavic Pro out to film my friend. Winds were a bit gusty. Not enough to make flying worrysome, but it made it a hell of a lot harder to follow my...
  5. JoostGT3

    An unusual pyramid in the low lands...

    Enjoy my video of a pyramid built by one of Napoleon's generals in 1804. It is the first time I filmed in D-cinelike and attempted to get a good color in Adobe premiere elements (which doesn't seem to handle LUT's). I have to say I am quite happy with the sharpness of the footage and the quality...
  6. T

    Snowy and sunset shots, near Amsterdam (Zaandam), Netherlands

    Here are my first few shots with the Mavic. Tried to get the most out of the shots with the best settings possible. Filmed in 2.7k, exported to 1080p. Don't really like 4k: slow editing, no 4k monitor here, so no need. ps, I drew some little hearth in the show for you guys somewhere around...