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rth disconnect

  1. V

    Litchi and RTH during disconnect.

    i intend to use litchi for intense waypoint flights, mostly at out of range distances. I wanted to know if my Mavic Air will return back (RTH) when the battery is low and at the same time out of contact with the controller? Been searching all over the Internet for this, including the Litchi...
  2. J

    Mavic Pro Loss if control video

    Hi all. Here is a video of when my Mavic lost signal to my remote and did automatic return home. It’s an older video but still good tips. I really would love any new subscribers as YouTube changed things and now I’m pushing for 1k .. half way there :) Enjoy the video
  3. timesnaps

    Loss of Connection

    Hi all, had my first real issue, and although happy to day the bird is still with me and ok, it was not fun. So I want to get to the bottom of this and find out what happened. Here is a description of events (I will try and find a link to the log file to include as well, forgot how to do it..)...
  4. R

    Changing screens

    I have had my Mavic Pro since January and have had 30 plus flights, mainly around my home and neighborhood and local lake area. It's an awesome piece of machinery and I think a great value for all it can do. I started off using an IPhone 7+ as a screen but then upgraded to an iPad mini 4 about...
  5. P

    How do I bring Mavic home when tablet/phone disconnects without using RTH?

    Today my Galaxy s7 edge disconnected and in spite of closing and re-opening DJI go 4 and re-connecting cable to RC. I totally lost connection with my screen. Now I did initiate RTH on remote without issued but is there another way to know how to bring it home by just using the remote and not...