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Changing screens


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Jan 5, 2017
I have had my Mavic Pro since January and have had 30 plus flights, mainly around my home and neighborhood and local lake area. It's an awesome piece of machinery and I think a great value for all it can do.

I started off using an IPhone 7+ as a screen but then upgraded to an iPad mini 4 about two weeks ago. About the same time As when I changed screens, out came the last update for the MP, so that was performed while using the mini4.

Then came a flight a few days ago and my mini4 was dead so I popped my iPhone 7+ on again... it seemed to work well and about a mile and half out I lost visual then lost signal all together. It never regained signal as it had in the past if it disconnected. Thankfully RTH brought her home Undamaged.

I have lost signal before, normally due to distance or trees, or whatever, but it has always reconnected a few seconds or a minute or so later. This time nothing reconnected.

Was this disconnection without regain of Control due to not using a screen that had been used for an update and the MP update was intact and the Dji software maybe was not ? Do these updates also update the Dji software as well or just the remote and the MP itself ?
Updates from DJI only update what DJI control, i.e. Mavic and remote. The apps are updated from App Store, where DJI submit them for review. Apple does not allow anybody to update anything on iDevice without them. So if you have automatic App Store updates enabled and you connect to the internet regularly, then your apps are always updated.
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