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  1. K

    RTH crash

    I just received the Mavic Mini 3 Pro and I'm using the RC Pro Remote that I also use with my Mavic 3. The first flight went mostly smoothly, except for one issue. When I initiated the Return to Home (RTH) function, the drone wanted to land 3 meters away from the starting point, which wasn't as...
  2. B

    Anyone remember U.S. the video of a mini dropping out of sky when almost home?

    Hi all, As above, anyone remember a YouTube video posted on here of a guy flying (I think) a mavic mini and testing the RTH over land, it almost made it back but dropped out of the sky just before it made it back?
  3. No_Egrets

    Mavic 3M RTH Times Out 🤦‍♂️

    Greetings pilots! I'm so honored to post the inaugural problem thread in this brand new forum. I'd like your help in troubleshooting an issue I'm having with the Return-To-Home Function on my Mavic 3M. I'm flying with DJI Pilot 2 on the DJI RC Pro Enterprise remote controller. My drone is...
  4. globetrotterdrone

    Lost connection without any chance to relink with the RC while RTH

    Had an incident recently with my Mini 3 Pro which was my first ever and considering the egress partly my fault on the tight start/landing point I chose but I thought I should share it anyway when there's something to learn probably for me and others. The crux What I have never encountered in...
  5. k0200679

    Field test of advanced RTH

    I would like to share small video I have made of how advanced RTH feature works in real life. Last weekend I was flying on my Mavic 3 and suddenly was caught by tall building standing right between me and my drone. Signal went from max to zero in less than one second and advanced RTH was...
  6. J

    DJI software bug surrounding authorised boundaries caused me to lose my drone to the sea

    I'm going to save myself time and link to the reddit thread. I'm hoping some of you can help me out by reading the log and telling me if I have an argument here for a replacement. For ease, the log can be found here: I also...
  7. f13dfx

    Need advice on settings for launching off a cliff or a boat & flying out over open sea.

    Will be going iceberg hunting in the East Coast & have never flown over open seas. I have flown several times over rapids with my Mavic 2 Pro before I acquired my Mavic 3. Here are a few of my questions: 1. Do I set my RTH to “Smart RTH”. Something tells me I should not set via height...
  8. B

    Do you just wait for Home Point to register?

    Hi all. I took off and flew today and after about 15-20 seconds, it told me that the home point had been updated and when I tested this with RTH, it flew back to where the drone was at that point I mentioned (above a lake!!). Does the home point just register at a certain point, ie - should I...
  9. A

    Air 2 Return-to-Home Example

    I thought that a video of a typical return-to-home example might be reassuring for new drone owners, or those considering buying one, and since a search didn't show a recent video I decided to post my own. I took off from a launch pad with a distinct pattern, hovered at about 20 feet up to...
  10. christopherg98

    Mavic 2 Pro Night Time, Landing issue. Refuses to land manually or RTH.

    Last night I used my Mavic 2 Pro with full battery and when attempting to land manually the drone would turn on landing lights and stopped about 5 feet above the landing zone, I attempted to land with manual controls and the drone kept "bouncing" back up a couple inches each time I would attempt...
  11. T

    Rtr function suddenly disappeared

    I have a DJI mini mavric. Everything was working completely fine and all of a sudden I only have a land option when I go to return to home.My GPS is fine it locks the home point but the button to return to home is not there when I go to use it not sure what happens if I hit the return to home...
  12. johnmoxl

    Lost signal, but M2 Zoom hovered, drone never returned to home

    I started flying over a river in Illinois yesterday from a bluff about 100’ above water level. At 2:29 into the flight as I was turning to fly up stream over a spillway I got a sudden loss of connection 0.3 seconds after warning of weak connection. I was at about 100 feet above the water (log...
  13. ALan_m10

    Mavic Mini Crashed into the Fjord

    Hi Guys, Seems I'm not the only one who has had this happen to them! Basically, I had my drone up over a nice harbor area here in Oslo and I wanted to get some video footage flying in towards the shore. All was well for a few minutes, I received a high wind warning so I descended but started to...
  14. D

    Forced landings (battery warning) at 51% battery

    Hi all! New to Mavic Mini ownership, and had a concern today while flying around a farm. I have had no previous issues flying my mini, and will attach a typical flight log below - this is from the first flight I took today from 100% battery...
  15. W

    RTH Altitude

    Hi , I recently bought a dji mavic mini and I am more than happy with my purchase. I fly my drone with RTH Altitude of 80m. So i have the following question. If i take off from a building with a hight of 30m for example will the drone RTH at hight of 110 total altitude,or it will just raise to...
  16. kloogee

    Mavic Mini Return to Home Tutorial (RTH)

    I've seen a lot of discussion about the Return to Home (RTH) feature of the Mavic Mini, so I decided to put together a tutorial about it. There are some important safety tips I discuss that I haven't seen discussed in any other videos. Let me know if you think I've missed anything important.
  17. C

    sudden loss of satellites mavic mini

    regularly take off with 17 satellites, but after flying not too far and activating the rth, suddenly the satellites go down to 2 or 3, and enter atti mode What could be happening ?
  18. R

    Mavic mini - RTH function inoperative?

    Hi Just made my first ever drone flight with my new Mini and I am mightily impressed! One thing I couldn’t work out was the RTH function. I set a RTH location and the app told me that the location had been set OK. But when I tried it the app said the drone would land at current location which...
  19. sarniac

    Litchi Mission Gone Wrong

    I have a Mavic Pro flying a mission made using Litchi. I’ve flown this route 5 times and never had a problem. On my latest flight, a System Error/Check App message appeared on screen, and mode went to ATTI, even though screen was showing 20 sats. I spent too much time looking at the screen...
  20. B

    Mavic Air stopped/paused for 7-8 seconds in RTH

    Hi, I have been flying my Mavic Air for 2 months now. yesterday for the first time strangely it stopped mid air for 7-8 seconds while it was in RTH and then continues automatically and I am not able to figure out why. I was flying in sports mode then I changed it to P-GPS and initiated RTH...