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Sep 15, 2018
i intend to use litchi for intense waypoint flights, mostly at out of range distances.

I wanted to know if my Mavic Air will return back (RTH) when the battery is low and at the same time out of contact with the controller?

Been searching all over the Internet for this, including the Litchi manual.
Yes it will - provided you have enabled Smart RTH in GO4.

However, Litchi does not know anything about wind conditions and so cannot guarantee to get you home safely. Better to use it as a safety feature rather than something you build into your missions.

Make sure your RTH height is appropriate - it needs to be high enough that the drone can fly safely home from any point of the mission but not so high that the Smart RTH kicks in too early.

Litchi will continue the mission if connection with the RC is lost. It will not take into account battery life needed to return home (even the Go 4 battery meter is just an estimate). I do not know if it will cancel the mission if the Smart RTH level is reached (@namirda seems to know) but it will fly until critical battery level is reached and then it will land (hopefully in tact). Many have been lost flying a long mission out of VLOS because of unexpected headwinds on the way back that drained the battery. I would recommend setting your homepoint location as the last waypoint so it will try to come all the way back if there is a RC problem.

Personally, I would not trust software with my investment (any more than I already have to). If you are sending it out of visual range you really are depending on things working as they are supposed to and hoping that nothing or no one gets damaged if something goes wrong.

"will request" means a message box will appear asking for permission to RTH.

Not exactly sure what happens when this point is reached during loss of connection.
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