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mavic air

  1. Z

    Cleaning your drone

    How do you clean your drones? I have always maintained and have done the pre-flight checklists and the occasional cloth wipe down on my drones but I've never cleaned them. For example, on one of my drones I have applied a few stickers and I'm considering selling it because it gets less flight...
  2. J

    SOLD - Mavic Air Battery $50 Shipped OBO

    Bought this from a forum member here as I thought I was keeping the Air but I returned the drone and got a M2Z instead. Works great only 5 cycles. Asking $50 shipped to US. Thanks!
  3. J

    Strange initial issues with new Mavic Air -possibly rectified but ... comments please

    I have had a Mavic Air for several months but it has not been configured or activated until today. Also have a Mavic 2 Pro so am reasonably familiar with setup procedures although a relatively novice flyer. I hopefully am fairly IT literate having taught IT/Computing for many years! I had...
  4. RonanCork

    Mavic Air 4k footage - trees/grass looks pixelated

    Hey Guys, {updated on Mon 16th with some details!} Wanted to get your help and thoughts on part of one of my projects (work in progress!) where the footage of grass / trees looks pixelated in places. This is the case when I view the raw video file (mp4) taken off the SD card and played on my...
  5. OldGoatMTB

    Poll-What kind of range are you REALLY getting with your Air?

    I've lost contact several times at about 3000 feet. In test on private land I lost it at 1000' or less with trees in between.
  6. Tolsan

    Dji Mavic Air - Italy - Florance 2019 Drone Footage

    2019 Florance Drone Footage Have a good time... Santa Croce, Florence cathedral, San Niccolò Tower, Piazzale Michelangelo, Torre della, Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Vecchio, Galleria dell'Accademia, Santo Spirito
  7. R

    4 Hawks Raptor XR Installation

    Hey guys, Bought my Mavic Air about a week ago. Had a great time. In an urban area I am looking for more range and am considering the 4 Hawks Raptor XR antenna. I have seen the installation process and can see how tough it is. Anyone able to tell me if it is a safe process or if there is...
  8. RonanCork

    DGI GO 4 app: New release worth upgrading to ?

    Hey Guys (sorry if this has been posted already) Anyone update to the latest DGI-GO-4 app ? Looks like it's just a dual remote controller update. Is there anywhere that shows a list of app release with their release notes ? (i.e. so we know if it's "worth" upgrading to). I bought my drone in...
  9. K

    Mavic air yaw 2019 FW .620

    I had an issue with my drone yaw to the left. It yaws when ascending. Also tried to make it stationary with no issues. But when i flick the left joystick UP even just a little bit. It starts to yaw to the left. Tried restore default. Refresh firmware, imu, rc calibration and rc link. Worked...
  10. RonanCork

    4k video snapshot v actual photo

    Hey Guys, Using my Mavic Air - I recently shot some footage of a castle (4k - 24fps or 3fps). I also took a load of photos too (with the recommended settings from online posts, i.e shoot in raw, use AEB, etc). When I loaded the photos into Lightroom and did some editing (I'm a beginner-ish at...
  11. C

    Mavic Air arm snapped

    My drone crashed today and the right rear arm broke. I can’t find anywhere that labels what this part is called. Has 4 screws and seems to be a bracket that holds the arm. I can snap it back in and it holds fine. Because of this I’m wondering if JB welding it back into place could work? When I...
  12. theDRONEranger

    Mavic Air Remote Controller Will Not Stop Constant Beeping

    My MA remote controller will NOT stop beeping. This is a new problem. I have ensured the firmware is the current for the MA and the Remote! This is something I always do prior to flying. The Remote will link to the MA and give every indication things are good to go! Yes, I know I live in a...
  13. Salisbury Mavic

    Hello from Salisbury UK

    Hi, I purchased the Mavic Air a month ago, still learning how to fly it, but it is a joy to fly, so easy, I especially like the features on the Go Fly App. Looking to see if there are any others on here in the UK especially Wiltshire, keen to hear about your experiences flying in the crowded...
  14. V

    Best way to increase visibility?

    Recently got a mavic air and have been learning about it overall. One thing I've noticed is keeping track of it, particularly when there's a background beyond the sky is tricky for me. What are my best options to give the drone more visibility? I was considering the LED prop guards but wasn't...
  15. Maik Kellerhals

    Gemmipass | Exploring Switzerland Ep. 8 | Mavic Air / Osmo Pocket

    I went up the mountains again:
  16. erwol

    Mavic Air + Evil camera in the same case

    Hey guys, I'm leaving for Colombia next Saturday and I'm currently trying to optimize my camera bag. I thought about taking only one len with me and filling the rest of the space in my camera bag with my Mavic Air + it's controller. Thing is, the mavic doesn't fit my camera bag while inside...
  17. macnug

    Emirates Mavic Air carry on

    Hi Guys, i was wondering if someone of you did carry on the Mavic Air in an Emirates flight. In few days i will leave from MXP-JFK-LAX and i heard of Emirates drone policy. Seems that drones must be in the checked lugguage. I will fly with a backpack so i am deeply concerned on damages may...
  18. Y

    Hi from Vancouver, BC

    Hey all! New Mavic Pilot here. Picked up an Air this week. Reg'd and Basic Operations Certificate completed. First test flight on Bowen Island this weekend if the weather holds up! Planning to use it to shoot part of an upcoming Fiji trip.
  19. M

    Black and white striped backgrounds

    Hello I have a mavic air. I was flying the other day and any white surface or sky turned into black and white stripes has anybody else had this issue.
  20. RonanCork

    How can I get my speed ramps to be this cool ?

    Hey Guys, I've a Mavic Air and I use Da Vinci Resolve (v15) for my editing. I love adding speed ramps. Had a quick one for you. The below video I was looking at recently. So 0:32s into the video it does a speed ramp but the speed ramp looks so much cooler than the ones I'm doing. I do my ramps...