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mavic air

  1. I

    Drone not responding to stick input

    Hello all, I have been flying a Mavic air since 2018, and in the past 2 flights I noticed 2 cases (one in each flight) where the drone did not respond to stick command to start from hover. In the last one, i pushed the forward stick 4 times and the drone didnt respond at all. When I pushed up...
  2. SlavaVisuals

    Greetings, fellow drone enthusiasts! from Alberta, Canada.

    Hello, everyone! I'm from Alberta, Canada, and my drone journey began about five years ago when I bought the DJI Mavic Air. Recently, I upgraded to the DJI Mini 4 Pro, and I've been putting it through its paces. You can find my drone adventures on my YouTube channel linked in my bio. I'm here...
  3. ProDroneRunner

    Hi from Maryland

    Greetings! I'm a fresh member hailing from Maryland. Flying is both a source of income and a thrilling hobby for me. I possess a Part 107 certification that's up to date, though I haven't yet caught up with the latest gadgetry like the Mavic 3 Pro Cine, which is on my radar for acquisition in...
  4. S

    What can Active Track track?

    Hi! I've been flying Mavic Air 1 for years. I mainly use it to track a velomobile. It works ok. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. (Before Mavic Air I had Parrot Bebop and it had excelent follow me function, so moving to Mavic Air made the experience worse). But I would like to upgrade to a newer...
  5. P

    How to tell if my Mavic Air 1 is FCC or CE?

    Hi, How can I tell what standard is my Mavic Air 1? Please find WiFi settings snapshot and FC label attached
  6. P

    Mavic Air Camera Issues

    Hi guys, Noticed my Magic Air (1st gen) is having some horizontal light stripes on footage, check footage attached. What is this?
  7. T

    Mavic Air electronic transfer to a new body with standard battery(Frankenstein)

    Hi, After so many threads about the Mavic Air batteries issue - old, no more produced, more expensive than a brand-new drone etc. I was thinking about transferring all the electronics to an F450-like structure, after a minimum adaptation. I will be happy if anyone tried and can share his...
  8. A

    Anyone know what makes Mavic air so pathetic at flight times???

    So recently I’ve been thinking and I cannot for the life of me figure out why the Mavic Air is so inefficient with regards to battery consumption. I see that there is a new drone that almost looks like a carbon copy which is made by XO and it’s called the Black Hawk two and this seems to have a...
  9. TurtleDrone456

    Air 1 Fall Colors in the Midwest!

    Some footage shot with a Mavic Air from a few years ago in western Wisconsin, enjoy!
  10. B

    Mavic Air Smoked

    I got an esc error yesterday and read on here that reinstalling my firmware might fix it. So I hooked it up to the computer, and as I was handling it, I noticed it was hot. Then it started smoking near the camera. I quickly unplugged it and removed the battery, and now I'm here. I'm on...
  11. R

    Mavic Air 1 Landing gear right-back replacement parts

    Dear fellow pilots- My Mavic Air 1 (I know it's not actually denominated with a 1 but just put it there for clarity) had a minor run in with some tree foliage and tumbled to the ground from about 5 meters / 16 feet. There was no harm done and after recalibrating the vision sensors it flies and...
  12. basejumper

    Lost my Air to the river...couple of questions

    Had my Mavic Air for a few years, use it a lot, its been good. I foolishly was in sport mode getting low to the water for a nice shot along the river while on the edge of the river in my boat, I then had a brain fart. The angle of attack changes massively when in full speed using sport mode, and...
  13. B

    Mavic air Rc signal lost

    Hello everyone! I have my 4 years old mavic air (the first one) and I'm getting RC signal lost all the time. Today I was flying at sunrise and I checked wifi channels and from 1-10 they were unstable and 11-13was empty, so I manually chose 12 channel (It was 2.8). In 22m height I lost my image...
  14. A

    Mavic Air Crash??? (Uncommanded Descent into water and then 2 flyaways)

    Hi, So I went flying at the beach and from the start the Mavic Air was behaving weird. When I powered it up the controller was beeping but there were no error messages on my screen so I just restarted everything and the error was still there with no indication of what it was beeping for. I...
  15. Rathi Roam

    Air 1 Mexico & Guatemala | Travel Video

    It’s been a while since I uploaded anything on YT but the wait is finally over.. I just finished my video from Mexico and Guatemala where I was also accompanied by my good old Mavic Air 1. Let me know what you think! If you like it, feel free to do all the usual good stuff on YouTube to support me.
  16. T

    Mavic Air Parts -IMU

    I have a lightly used Mavic Air. Haven't flown in 2 years. Now I can't because of an IMU failure? Not very happy. Feel like I wasted my hard earned $$$. Got it apart, now I can't find a replacement IMU. The only listings I see anywhere are Mavic Air 2 or 2S. Is the IMU for the Air 2...
  17. ilkerka

    Mavic Air Activation failed...

    Hello, I just boughtt a second hand DJI Mavic Air with the legit box and accesories. I sent my mavic air to a repair and just got it back when I try to activate, it shows the error. when I connect the aircraft with the control and my remote device its asking me to activate it. Then I get the...
  18. DroneMan_ID

    Air 1 Oregon Trail Reserve, Boise, ID

  19. B

    Confused about repairs

    Hi all- I am hoping you can help me gain insight into the issue I've had. My Mavic Air aircraft always paired with my remote control easily. Out on a recent trip, I was able to successfully pair the way I always do and had access to the camera and calibration per usual, but was unable to take...
  20. J

    Cabarita Island - Port Maria Jamaica

    Pilot Check-In From Jamaica Yesterday my daughter and decided to go watch the sunrise from a particular location. We got up late so we changed plans and went to explore an island with our Mavic Air 2. Take a look at the video. Let me know your feedback. Hope you enjoy. Link is below