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mavic air

  1. Prismatic

    Central bright zone in raw (DNG) from Mavic Air

    I've hit a roadblock trying to shoot RAW (actually DNG) photos with my Mavic Air : there is a distinct central bright zone, and I have not been able to tame it. (Note: I edit photos with Corel PaintShop Pro 2020. For those unfamiliar, PSP is a poor-man's Photoshop, with a similarly long...
  2. Ludum Locus Air

    Ludum Locus Air

    Rio Pance a river that comes down from the mountain chain callled Los Farallones at 3 pm. Taken with a Mavic Air, using vertical panoramic function. f/2.8, exposure speed 1/400 s, ISO 100.
  3. Ludum Locus Air

    Ludum Locus Air

    This one was taken with the vertical function
  4. DroneMan_ID

    Walk On The Ocean

  5. 2019 Christmas Lights Meridian, Idaho

    2019 Christmas Lights Meridian, Idaho

    Took my drone out to the Village at Meridian and Scentsy campus to capture Christmas lights. Please enjoy and Happy Holidays!
  6. P

    New Mavic Air pilot from Australia

    It’s my first drone and I’m really excited but I’ve taken a bit of a risk with this one. I have actually brought a MA with a broken front arm for only $350Aud($240usd) through an eBay auction. Everything else seems to be working absolutely fine except the broken arm. I already have some...
  7. smalt0141

    nd filters

    What are the advantages of using a cinema series ND filter as opposed to a standard ND filter? I tried to customize a standard set on PolarPro for a 16, 32 and 64 ND filter set. I could only customize those 3 filters with the cinema series filters. Other than DJI, what other filters would be...
  8. gfieldsr

    Mavic Air - Great Assessories

    Mavic Air (Onyx Black) Slightly used Mavic Air. No crashes and no scratches. Accessories Included: Batteries x5 ($390.00 value) Remote Prop guards ($20.00 value) Extra props Cables Charger Charger hub Car Charger Lens shade (blocks sun glare) PGYTech Hand Grip /with mini tripod (for handheld...
  9. Skyler King III

    Bracket capability disappeared for Mavic Air?

    I haven't used my Mavic Air in a while. Mainly use Mavic 2 Pro. Took Mavic Air up for some flights today and seems like bracketing and panorama disappeared What the...? Any suggestions. Yes I'm using latest Go 4 and the GO 4 app says my firmware is up to date. Any ideas here or did DJI...
  10. S

    Mavic Air. low Photo And Video Quality

    Hey guys. i bought a new drone 1 week ago and i used today. and i took some photos when i come home , i downloaded photos on go 4 app, but quality is very low, how can i change photo quality?
  11. J

    Help needed calibration.

    So I've bought a second hand mavic air. Says to update on dji go 4 app but cant complete. Gyro is red so poor Cant calibrate shows errors please see attached errors. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Justyn
  12. Happy Volley

    Happy Volley

    It's always fun to shoot black powder guns. At this monthly shoot we attempted to do a volley shot. There was 1 flash in the pan. During post editing, I used the sound from a previous volley taken with my Iphone and inserted them into each shots fired. This was just for the fun of it.
  13. M

    Off the coast of Cape Elizabeth Maine (Two Lights)

    Here's a quick (about one minute) video of the coast by Two Lights / Cape Elizabeth Maine. I'm beginning to test editing with an iPad Pro and LumaFusion. So far I am VERY impressed with how these setup works and how it handles 4k footage from my Mavic Air. EDIT: I realized that the...
  14. RonanCork

    Printing a photo from a Mavic Air (what dimensions of photo ?)

    Hey Guys, I've a Mavic Air and am helping out a friend by taking some aerial shots of his house - he wanted to get some printed up and then framed As you know - as regards the MA camera specs, the "effective pixels" is 12MP. I know this is maybe a broad question (and likely depends on the...
  15. RonanCork

    Great photo - did I use Style->Custom of "0/0/0" or "0/-2/-3" ?

    Hi Guys, Hoping you can help me with this ? Not sure if I've the correct sub-forum but you can let me know. On my Mavic Air recently I've been trying out differing 'style settings' (i.e. Sharpness / Contrast / Saturation) for taking photos . As you know it defaults to "Standard" (which is 0 /...
  16. Yarko

    Kicking off my new blog with a couple shots from the Mavic Air

    I recently took my Mavic Air on it's first overseas trip, in this case to the Fijian Islands. I just finished a blog post on it and included a few shots from the Air. Check it out and let me know what you think! www.yarkoonthego.com Click on "Let's Get Remote" to read about the first part of...
  17. D

    Fatshark goggles with Mavic Air?

    Has anyone used a wireless dongle on the Fatsharks to use Airplay(iOS) or Mirrorcast (android) from the phone. How much lag time, even worth it, or should I sell my Fatshark HDO for Dji goggled. Thanks!
  18. T

    Mavic Air flew away and crashed.

    Hello guys, how you doing? First of all I apologize for my english. Today I was flying my Mavic Air to take some pictures 4 meters above of me and suddenly it got speed and flew away crashing into a building nearby and landed in a parking lot. While it flew away I didnt have any response from...
  19. M

    Labrador Hollow / Central New York

    Here's a rough edit from some footage of a location near me. I'm hoping to add a few more scenes and add audio... I'm posting this now just in case life gets in the way I don't have time ;-) (Mavic Air)
  20. R

    Lithuania | Gem of the Baltics

    Hi everyone, It’s finally time for another video.. Take a look at my adventure through Lithuania from land and from the sky! If you like it, feel free to support my channel. Enjoy :)