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  1. QldKing

    Territory Day Fireworks [4K] - Darwin, Australia (2019)

    FIREWORKS have been a much-loved – and sometimes loathed – part of Territory Day since 1980. Over the years, other states in Australia have banned the private use of fireworks, but Territorians still retain that freedom. Territorians love cracker night - and this video shows it. Territorians set...
  2. D

    Problema dji mavic air è impazzito

    ciao ragazzi sono nuovo del forum e sono felice di farne parte. Avrei bisogno di voi perchè sto esaurendo. Da anni posseggo un Dji Mavic Air, Lo uso settimanalmente per il mio canale youtube. La settimana scorsa ha deciso di non collegarsi più al radiocomando, (cosi 'dal nulla) ma solo al...
  3. theoaristi53

    Summer is awesome

  4. Quick1

    Mavic Air flew off, accelerated and smashed in to a wall at nearly 40mph!

    I have had my Mavic Air since it first came out and have used it many times with very few issues until yesterday. I have not used it for 3 months and charged the battery up fully. Went to my local beach to fly it where there is a lot of wide open space. I placed it down on a big flat concrete...
  5. D

    Help - I deleted my video cache on DJI Go 4!

    Hi everyone New to the forum and hoping someone can help advise me. I think I have got myself into a right mess with DJI Go 4 and all my drone footage. I’ve been using the app with several mavics in the last few years, first a spark and then a mavic air. I have never downloaded footage to...
  6. QldKing

    Strauss Airstrip Drone Flight with the DJI Mavic Air - Darwin Australia

  7. N

    ND Filters or ND/PL Filters?

    Hi:) I am new to ND Filters. And was looking for some assistance, guidelines that could help me to decide which one to pick. I have watched quite a few on youtube, but have yet to come to a conclusion. Should I pick the polarpro shutter collection or the vivid collection? I liked how the vivid...
  8. N

    Flying on the edge of Tropical Storm Cristobal

    I had a unique opportunity tonight with Tropical Storm Cristobal approaching. The outer bands of the storm had been pounding our area with rains off and on throughout the day, but we had a break in the rain around sundown. I checked the radar and our area seems clear of rain for a while. UAV...
  9. DCM-PA

    Pano Mode ?

    For the life of me yesterday when I had the bird out I could not get into Panorama mode. It was always grayed out, either with the bird landed or in the air. What am I missing or is this another firmware glitch?
  10. theoaristi53

    Unlocking my Mavic Air

    Hello everyone, I found this link on GitHub where you can upgrade or downgrade the firmware of your drone. My question is will it unlock it so I can fly it in non-flying zones? Thanks, Theo.
  11. D

    Terrible Video Quality Mavic Air (video link included)

    Video link showcases my problem. Super laggy and choppy video with flashes of black and green. Live recording on iPhone is laggy and video is as well. The problem only occurs so far in Active Track mode. U3 SD card, latest firmware...
  12. Hummingbird.UAV

    Mavic Air Quieter Prop Development Update

    I have been working on quieter props for the Mavic Air for over a year now. The first prototype hub worked very well other than it was hard to install and remove. I also didn't trust the single screw holding it together. Hence a second prototype but sadly it also had an Achilles heel. Watch...
  13. T

    2.2mph minimum speed in tap fly - frustrating

    Hi All, Just bought my first drone (Mavic Air 1) a few weeks ago, just before I saw Mavic Air 2 announced ?. Anyway, I'm new to drones and photography and really enjoying learning about both right now! So, I have a dilemma, I want to create a hyperlapse that doesn't cover a lot ground. For...
  14. A

    Summer in Croatia

    Crystal clear water, sunsets, shipwreck, heart shaped island... beautiful Croatia, so many corners to film, it really is a photogenic paradise :)
  15. PaulArcher

    Mavic Air 2 Full Table Spec Comparison vs Mavic MIni vs Mavic 2 vs Original Mavic Air!!

    Hello guys, I worked hard for 2 days to create a huge table comparison of the Mavic Air 2 vs the Mavic Mini vs the Mavic 2 and even more. There's a bunch of charts and graphs on the specific specs like battery life comparison, range in Europe and even more. Here it is: Mavic Air 2 vs Mavic...
  16. Droning on and on...

    No WiFi signal, can't pair with DJI Go, no fan spin

    Hello, My Mavic AIr crashed. Gimbal cable is torn (plug going to pan motor). Mavic has solid red rear light. It doesn't show up in WiFi, even after setting it to "WiFi only mode (button push and 2 beeps). I can communicate with it in newest DJI Assistant, all sensors are working ok, I can...
  17. I

    8 Pin connector issue - Accelerometer failed

    Hello everyone! My Mavic Air which has been spot on - absolutely amazing had its first very small accident. Decided to try the auto return home and on decent it was about 2 metres away from take-off position and I took over the control and somehow got it all wrong ( I am a good pilot normally)...
  18. P

    How to get into the real course lock, home lock and follow mode on the Mavic Air

    Hey guys, I’m new in this forum because I believe to have found the original course lock mode etc. for Mavic Air. I accidentally entered it when I was trying to unplug the Phone from the controller. I opened the normal Modes “Panel” then unplugged the phone and it jumps to the missing...
  19. Slava Ivanov

    Denmark: Copenhagen, North Sea

    Hey everyone, Below are two of my videos I made over the trip to Denmark. I'm still practicing so all the thought are welcomed.
  20. S

    Advice for purchase of Mavic Mini or Mavic Air

    I am debating purchasing a Mini fly more package for $500 or a like new Mavic Air fly more package for $500 from a friend. I am torn between the two because I like the Air’s obstacle avoidance and full features including active track etc. but I dislike the high pitched noise and the short...