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litchi app

  1. T

    Problem connecting RC with DJI Go 4 / Litchi

    Hi, I am new here and also a relatively new pilot. My problem is the usb connection between the RC and my phone (Moto X Force). Actually the connection between the RC and DJI GO 4 or Litchi is not etabilished. The USB-connection as such seems to be OK since the phone starts charging when I...
  2. CarlosCN

    GO4 vs. Litchi

    Can you please provide your comments, comparing GO4 and Litchi apps for M2Z? Would it influence the DJI goggle? Thanks
  3. J

    First Litchi App Flight

    Featured Waypoint shots in this video are: - 2 Points of Interest reveal - Helix - Boomerang I finally got the Litchi app for autonomous waypoint missions for iOS. So far I am really pleased with the outcome of my first flight and having better control of the Mavic Pro for simulating...
  4. V

    Litchi and RTH during disconnect.

    i intend to use litchi for intense waypoint flights, mostly at out of range distances. I wanted to know if my Mavic Air will return back (RTH) when the battery is low and at the same time out of contact with the controller? Been searching all over the Internet for this, including the Litchi...
  5. Prmath

    DJI GO4........ no precision landing.

    with that said, will the Litchi app be able to Precision land the 2Pro or the Zoom? TIA ..........
  6. P

    Mavic Pro wont connect with Lichi on Iphone!

    Hello, I hope this isnt a daft questions but I can't seem to get my mavic pro to connect to the Lichi app. All of the threads I have found have given advice regarding Androids and I've tried a few of those options but none of these have successfully resolved the issue : e.g. deleting and...
  7. N

    DJI GO 4 and Litchi compatible smartphone

    Hi! So I just bought a Mavic Pro about 50 days ago and I've had a lot of fun with it, but i had to realize that my android devices are far from being enough powerful for the live transmission: I tried it with a Huawei P8 lite, LG G Pad 8.0 (?) (tablet) and note 4 (N910F) none, I repeat none of...
  8. C

    DJI/Apple fan boy goes to the Cote d'Azur and learns a few things

    I'd like to share this video. I got to stay here as a guest of the owners and am delighted to say they wanted a video of the villa as they want to promote it more to extend the rental season. A lot of fun was had and lessons learned a few of which I share below. • All filmed in 4k 30fps...
  9. K

    Default app on Android?

    Hi, I'm using both DJI Go4 and Litchi on Galaxy S8+. It seems that Samsung has removed the option not to select default app permanently? I mean, when I connect the cable, it only gives me option to select either DJI or Litchi. No other options, i.e. temporary/don't ask any more etc. Is it so or...
  10. heo3480

    Fly Waypoints with Litchi

    DJI excluded waypoints from Mavic Air, but luckily you plan an fly waypoints mission with the Litchi App that recently started to support Mavic Air. This video shows you the simple steps to create a 4 waypoint mission with 2 points of interest I think the map-based approach is better than...
  11. K

    Gimbal stuck

    I’ve been using Litchi with good success for a while now but all of a sudden after a couple of incident free flights on the one day the gimbal went thru the normal start up calibration but then finishes on the +30 position while using litchi in the pano mode. I changed modes, shut down litchi...
  12. D

    Samsung Tab A 7" does it work?

    I recently purchased a new Mavic Pro after having a Phantom 3. I wanted have a larger screen and was told a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7inch would be great using the DJI Go 4 app. It looses the image right after takeoff (can still control the craft with the controller) I want to use the tablet for...
  13. G

    No sound from litchi !

    Hi everyone ! I am new to Litchi. I made 6 mission flights this week with Litchi. Simply awesome. It was a bit scary to let the Mavic go automatically like that. But it went well. I have a question regarding the speech from Litchi ! I enable speech but I get no sound at all. The iPhone 7 plus...
  14. Fleek

    Litchi 'active obstacle avoidance' ?

    Litchi has an AC setting called 'active obstacle avoidance' which dodges objects moving toward the Mavic (says the Help explanation). This is different from collision avoidance which stops at an obstacle in the path of the Mavic. What object would be moving toward the Mavic other than perhaps...
  15. Radioflyers

    Advice from Litchi for more stable app operation

    After contacting Litchi regarding several failures of "pano" missions to complete and/or resulting in interrupted control of the Mavic (RC unresponsive and Mavic hovering in place until sport mode activated to regain control) their response and advice is as follows: Hi, Please follow these...