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litchi app disconnected

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    Trouble with Litchi

    I tried to connect my mini to the Litchi app but it says can't connect to dji servers to verify app. I am in the beta version so I am in the right version. I also have wifi connection. I am also running on on a samsung s9 idk if that makes a difference. Please help
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    Help! Lost Mavic Air signal during Litchi Waypoint Mission, not seen again since! :(

    Hello brilliant people. Today I tried to use the Litchi App for the second time on my life. Guess what? after about a minute signal was lost and drone never returned home. I live on a small mountain and the waypoints are marked where terrain is ascending - see images 1+3 below. Also, I defined...
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    Litchi and RTH during disconnect.

    i intend to use litchi for intense waypoint flights, mostly at out of range distances. I wanted to know if my Mavic Air will return back (RTH) when the battery is low and at the same time out of contact with the controller? Been searching all over the Internet for this, including the Litchi...
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    Litchi App no go on some Android devices

    Hi Folks, Just a note about android devices. Per the Litchi website: "6. Is my Android device supported by Litchi? As a general rule, Litchi supports most mid to high-end Android devices. There are many Android devices and versions out there, and even two similar devices can yield very...