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rth question

  1. M

    Mavic AIR RTH altitude question.

    Hi. I am wondering why if I press return to home on the screen it will start approaching landing position and ignore my altitude settings completely. RTH set to be 50m high, but it never go high (i only fly at around 20-40m high). Is MA only suppose to elevate if it sees the obstacles ( i have...
  2. V

    Litchi and RTH during disconnect.

    i intend to use litchi for intense waypoint flights, mostly at out of range distances. I wanted to know if my Mavic Air will return back (RTH) when the battery is low and at the same time out of contact with the controller? Been searching all over the Internet for this, including the Litchi...
  3. EyeSky

    RTH Question

    I have my Mavic Pro set up so that if it loses contact with the RC, it will rise up 100 feet and come back home and land. I assume that it will go up, point to home and then fly a straight line back. I do a lot of flying in the rugged desert mountains in Arizona, up canyons and around mountains...