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RTH Question


Jan 22, 2018
I have my Mavic Pro set up so that if it loses contact with the RC, it will rise up 100 feet and come back home and land. I assume that it will go up, point to home and then fly a straight line back. I do a lot of flying in the rugged desert mountains in Arizona, up canyons and around mountains and rock formations. If the Mavic loses connection with the controller and initiates RTH, if it's already 100+ feet above the home / take off point will it #1 just try to fly straight back or #2 rise up another 100 feet and then fly home? If it's #1, then it's in danger of striking something and crashing. If it's #2, then it's a lot more likely to make it back safely. Thanks, for any info or experiences.
#1 and it should be able to avoid obstacles... set it higher if you're in this kind of terrain.
Thank you, Plawa. I've only had my Mavic for a couple of months and I'm still learning about it. So, if I understand correctly, that 100 feet I've set to rise up to is 100 feet above the home point and if it's already 100+ feet above the home point it doesn't go up first but just heads back to home?
If you have it set for 100 feet and you are above that hundred feet it will come home at the height you R flying at. To play it safe I would set your return home higher than what you have it set at.
Thanks for the reply, ChipDjipro. I wasn't sure about that, now I know.
Thanks for the reply, ChipDjipro. I wasn't sure about that, now I know.
I have mine set to 30 metres or 95 feet and I live in very flat area; that's to ensure it misses any trees on the way home.
In your case I would definitely set a higher RTH altitude of around 200 - 300 feet,
But you will only have an issue if you are going around hills and obstacles. That's the classic way to lose signal, by flying around the back of something much higher, or along a winding canyon, and then it loses signal.
But if you're always in Visual Line Of Site (even if it's too small to actaully see), then you should always be ok, as it will always try and fly directly back to you.

Had a great time in Arizona last year; fantastic scenery!
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