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  • Do I need my own API key? How do I get one? How do I use it for you VLM. I have a Google account, but I can no longer get elevation data using your VLM. What do I need to do?
    Hello Namirda, what a fantastic professional Software you made with VLM V.2.3.0 - congratulations, admiration and most of all THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Where can we donate?
    I have the programme VLM but on the line 'total mission distance' it doesn't show the info about the distance but the message ' not real distance'; in the programme Google Pro, every csv file results to be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. the format of the coordinates is correct. I don' t know where the problem is: can you tell me if I am missing something in the procedure? Thank you Marcello
    Hi Namirda, the program looks for GE folder? What should it be? I have GE installed in my computer.
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