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  1. S

    How do drone meetups work?

    Me and a friend are starting a drone club at our university, and have been planning out how the whole thing is going to work. We would like to have at least a few meetups for people to attend and fly together, but we want to avoid any collisions or other conflicts. Unfortunately neither of us...
  2. A

    Top 5 favorite maneuvers with the Mavic

    I would love to know what your favorite maneuvers are when you fly?!?!
  3. AirVūz

    Drone Delivery to Your Hand?!?

    That is right, just what the title says. The U.K. development firm 'Cambridge Consultants' came up with 'DelivAir'- a drone delivery system that brings your order right into your own two hands. If you think it's all sci-fi wishful thinking, think again. The company relied on already-existing...
  4. clackey

    Spark Discussions Moved to

    Going forward all spark discussions will occur at SparkPilots - DJI Spark Drone Forum.