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  1. J

    Shape moving diagonally on video

    Strange problem with my new Mavic Air. Notice the shape moving diagonally from left to right in the link to my video. Anyone else experience this or know what it may be? Thanks. Mavic Air video distortion
  2. J

    Mavic Air - Lens distortion (creating awareness!)

    Hi all, In another thread, a group of Mavic Air users including me found out that the lens on the Mavic Air has some pretty severe distortion when shooting in JPEG or shooting video's. Some examples: YouTube - You can clearly see the 'waving'/'warping' distortion during panning on the roof...
  3. mikeGR

    Is this video footage normal?

    Hi guys, I have completed my first few flights with the Mavic and having returned home from my vacation where I used it I had a look at the clips taken and I think there's two issues: 1) Some sort of distortion/blurriness on the bottom edge appears at random. This happenned only on one of the...
  4. hemlok

    Brief Vertical Distortions in Footage

    New mavic owner here, I've been flying for about 2 months now, and I'm just getting a hang on the film aspects of the mavic. I've noticed however that I'm getting these strange vertical artifacts when I'm recording. They show up on the preview on my phone, and are also on the footage recorded...