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dji announcements

  1. P

    Has DJI lost it's edge? I think so.

    Like many of us, it seems we have been waiting forever for upgrades to the Phantom and Mavic series drones. Early on DJI upgraded these drones at an amazing rate. That seemed to have stopped now as production of small, lower end wifi type drones, or just lesser versions of the P4. Clearly DJI...
  2. D

    DJI Provides Detailed Comparisons of Specs for Consumer Drones

    Consumer Drones Comparison- DJI Here's my take after using the page to compare the Air with the Pro: For reasons that remain obscure, DJI never mentions that the 28mm lens (35mm equivalent) on the Mavic Pro can zoom up to 2x -- and that at 28mm it already has a narrower field of view (78.8...
  3. Drone Master

    New DJI Announcement Jan 23rd

    Could this be what we have been waiting for? DJI to launch latest & greatest drones at the January 23 "Adventure Unfolds" media event
  4. Bill The Drone Reviewer

    CES2018 DJI Drone Annoucement ?

    Here is the latest update from CES2018 on possible DJI drone announcements