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dji go 4 app 4.1.3.

  1. Spinmeout

    I love my Mavic pro now that I can fly it again..using DJI Go4 4.1.3

    Hi guys, Recently I purchased my Mavic Pro (June 2017), excited and all, had fun getting used to the camera and flying it with little or no issues with DJI Go 4 App I downloaded back in June 2017. version 4.1.3.Android. Used my Samsung J3 phone as the monitor with the app, with no issues. Then...
  2. mlash

    DJI GO 4 tells me I must update to 4.1.3

    Is this normal? I would think that there should be a "not now" button here somewhere. I turned on my wi-fi so I could upload my logs and this popped up and will not let me continue until I update! If I do update to this is it going to force me to update controller and aircraft? I am currently on...
  3. Capra Vecinului

    The "Must upgrade DJI Go 4.1.3 App" thread (locked drones)

    Hello fellow Mavic owners, I have started this thread to keep clean other threads focused on their initial topic. Feel free to discuss here all the latest messages some of the users reported lately about a forced DJI Go 4 app upgrade imposed by DJI, via a red message; upgrade that refers to Go4...