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I love my Mavic pro now that I can fly it again..using DJI Go4 4.1.3

Have you reverted you software to an earlier version and did it improve your experience?

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Sep 6, 2017
Cairns. Queensland, Australia.
Hi guys,
Recently I purchased my Mavic Pro (June 2017), excited and all, had fun getting used to the camera and flying it with little or no issues with DJI Go 4 App I downloaded back in June 2017. version 4.1.3.Android.
Used my Samsung J3 phone as the monitor with the app, with no issues.
Then came the firmware updates and Go 4 app updates. Things went from good to bad to worse, crashed my Mavic due to not being able to see the screen as it glitched near trees and I moved the stick the wrong way and it flew into the tree instead of away... broken leg, fixed that back in the air flying again, but my experience with the app was disappointing to say the least. With the latest firmware on the Mavic and Go4 app installed on my phone the Camera gimble would freeze in down or up position, disconnection was expected, lag was in minutes not seconds and I was getting to the point of "why bother and sell it". I even bought a Samsung Tab A thinking it was my phone... it was no better, if not worse. I couldn't even download offline maps for my area...I could not get a visual on the screen while flying. Looking through this forum I found many references to rolling back the DJI Go4 app and decided to give it a go. Simple process, uninstall 4.1.10 and acquire the apk file 4.1.3 ( many references in the forum as to where to get this) and then reinstall 4.1.3, adding 'not to auto update app' to preferences. Did this to all my devices, the phone, the Tab A and Tab S I have as well.
Long story short... Well my joy has returned, the Mavic flies like a bird again, I can see the live feed no problems, no glitching and all the functions work first time, not after having to hit the screen a few times. This worked for my TAB A as well, I was about to return it back to the store as I thought I had no use for it. Now I am glad I kept it as it is a great monitor.
I don't use the new quickshots, never have been able to use them as the glitching would not allow it to work, but I don't think I will miss them.
So as a suggestion guys and girls, if you are sick of this horrible 4.1.10 or above app on your phone, remove it and go back to the 4.1.3 version it works and doesn't hog all your resources.
I am back in love with my Mavic.
For me I was having crashes and lag with 4.1.3, upgraded to 4.1.9 & 4.1.10 and it runs as sweet as on my Sony xz & Chinese le s3 x626
Using app cloner got both versions on both devices
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Yea everyone seems to have different experiences and I honestly think it has a lot to do with what devices you are using. I have a Samsung S8+ and a Samsung Tab S2 8" and haven't had any problems with the new firmware or latest app.
guessing that the newer app uses the cores better so they utilize the power the device has but older or slower devices can't handle the extra processes
For me I get no maps with Note 8 using latest software. I will try 4.1.3 and see if that helps
For me I get no maps with Note 8 using latest software. I will try 4.1.3 and see if that helps

Say what? Okay that's weird. Our phones are basically the same. Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.
I downgraded to .700 edit params to my liking ditched the ipad mini 3 amd bought a zenpad s3 left Android 6 on and install 4.1.8 works like friggin dream bought Litchi and works awesome as well..
Where in the dji go 4 app can you find the version? I think I have the latest. I bought my mavic in August and downloaded the app then. I did the Sept. '17 firmware updates but don't recall any go4 updates. I don't have any problems with my set up so far.

It just occurred to me to check the App Store on my iPhone 7 and see that the go 4 app has version 4.1.15 that was just released today, 10/28/17. I don't think I'll download it since mine works. I'd still like to know how to find the version I have.
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