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dji go 4 has stopped

  1. McSapi7

    newest DJI GO 4 app freezes on Xiaomi Redmi 4X, solution??

    excuse me, im new here, but i just wanna share my newbie experience as fist time drone owner LOL : i just bought my new Mavic Pro yesterday, then as instructed i download DJI GO 4 app for android phone (ver. 4.1.15) from google play, but after i download the app won't start on my phone (Xiaomi...
  2. X

    DJI GO 4 Has Stopped during flight

    Hi. My DJI Go 4 App Has Stopped while Mavic Pro drone is 500+mtrs away and 110mtrs in altitude, it happened at the beach in UK. Im using Note 4 and 700 firmware. What happened is, the drone is steady and recording 4k then gimbal just flicked upside down and out of focus for a few seconds and i...