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dji mavic 2

  1. A

    Air 2 fell out of the sky with 12% battery , do i have any chance of getting a replacement from dji

    Dear All Please can i get some assistance ive had my mavic air 2 for 2 years Last week i was flying it and the low battery warning appeared. As i was bringing down to land it basically fell out of the sky and i could not find it. I am reviewing the logs and it shows the drone still had 12%...
  2. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro The Turquoise Coast (Turkey Vlog)

    Hey friends, In today's video we continue our journey along the Turquoise Coast in Turkey - exploring Kas, Demre and last but not least the beautiful Korsan Koyu with some lovely drone shots along the way :)
  3. Nathan Barteau Mavic

    2 Zoom Summer in California

    California, San Francisco Bay Area and the Golden Gate Bridge 12K.
  4. M

    Mavic 2 pro not connecting with RC, the beep sound and wing lights are not coming when I start it. please help..

    Hey people out there, hope you are doing well. I am having same problem and I lended my drone to a stupid person and I think he tried to upgrade the firmware but now its not even connecting with the RC and I can’t do anything. Although I am not sure. I can’t see or hear the beep sound and light...
  5. S

    Mini Mini 2 Snow Test

    Hi All, Happy to share my second flight with DJI Mini 2 - this time bu minus temperatures and snowfall:) The drone has survived:) Thanks for your improvement suggestions:)