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dji mavic in stock

  1. Advexure

    Mavic Pro IN STOCK at Advexure! - Regular & Combo Units

    Hi All - As the title says, Advexure now has the Mavic Pro IN STOCK and ready to ship! Orders placed by 4pm PST are guaranteed for same day shipment. All of these units are shipping from our LA location. As always, free shipping on orders over $150. Mavic Pro Fly More Combo Bundle Kit -...
  2. M

    Exploring Castle Ruin in Scotland - Cinematic HD

    So on our way back home and we came across a majestic castle ruin east of Scotland, it was the perfect day to fly, no wind and clear sky, so it was time to unleashed the Mavic! the Phantom 4 Pro shortly followed the footstep of Mavic. Do please enjoy this mini cinematic footage shot from above.