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dji mavic modded parameters unlocked

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    FCC mode (help)

    I’m on IOS12 and running the modded 4.3.3 app(frida). Everything seems to be working e.g. boost, fcc in the app, but when I fly my mavic I’m still getting around 500m distance, just like I was on CE mode, any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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    DJI MAVIC PRO with modded parameters also a modded controller wit Nano Sync antenna SOLD

    Brand new flown once Mavic Pro Fly more with modded parameters also a modded remote. My buddy is afraid to fly it since we modded it...LOL!!! So his loss is your gain its only been flown once and activated offline so you could prolly activate it and get refresh....Its running .700 F/W and like...