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  1. jmark

    Norwegians > Insurance etc

    Hey! Just wondering what my fellow Norwegians do for insurance, both for the Drone itself and the liability insurance incase of an accident. It seems from my research here, that DJI care is not available over here, or is this wrong?
  2. A

    DJI Care Refresh country lock

    Since I'm a noob pilot in Macau, and I feel like I must get DJI Care, would it be more convenient to buy the DJI Care from China or Hong Kong. The difference is that if I buy it in China I have to ship it to China if I crash the drone, which would be cheaper, but in Hong Kong it's much easier to...
  3. Empato

    UK Insurance

    Hi, I have now missed the 48 hour window for DJI Care on my Mavic Pro. I am aware you can still get DJI Care after that timescale, but i was wondering if anyone knows of a similar insurance for drones that is available in the UK? **Edit** Just noticed another similar thread, but it seems to...