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Norwegians > Insurance etc


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Jul 29, 2018
Somewhere up north
Hey! Just wondering what my fellow Norwegians do for insurance, both for the Drone itself and the liability insurance incase of an accident.

It seems from my research here, that DJI care is not available over here, or is this wrong?
Good question.
I live in Norway and the rules that the Norwegian FAA/Lovdata has issued clearly states that the Drone pilot is the one to blame *in any mishap*, no matter what the cause would be for such a mishap.
So, yes i think that a liability insurance would be good to have.
When I bought my MPP drone (from ELFUN through I was not presented with the possibility to buy this "DJI Care" possibility either.
So, I think you are stuck with your insurance company and to see if they are willing to sell you an insurance.
It may possibly be a good thing to have the Drone pilot certificate (RO1/RO2 or RO3) when you do try to get such an insurance. Maybe you'll get a rebate ;)

But on that note, it looks like, according to Luftfartstilsynet, that you are really not allowed to fly anywhere where you can *remotely* accidentally harm any people ;)

I have had my MPP drone for three weeks and I'm a real beginner in this field of flying. But it sure is fun :)

No, dji care is not currently available in Norway. Those were the words from a DJI rep, so maybe it will be in the future. I really hope so. I've considered the RO1 license as I'd love to be able to use it commercially.

On another note, how was your experience with EFLUN? I normally only ever use komplett, elkjøp or power as they have the best return policies if you don't like what you buy.

And yes, the rules here are pretty strict and I adhere to them, but it's not seldom you hear of others who couldn't care less. Some idiot flew their Drone directly above a 17th May parade this year. Police managed to seize it though. Deserves the pilot right. I hope they got a nice fine. The damage 3/4kg robot with four spinning blades could do would be quite substantial at 35kmph I would imagine. My little parrot Drone hurts pretty bad when I mess up a hand landing and that's tiny in comparison.
The experience with Elefun AS (via Komplett AS) was good! I ordered the drone while on holiday on the North West coast of Norway and the delivered within three days of order to my location so I'm pretty happy with their service.

I have been in a couple of light crashes so far and only had to change a propeller or two but I know it's gone hurt if i'm hit by one or more of the propellers so I try to fly safe.
I'm newbee to flying drones so I have a lot to learn yet and I'm still trying to master/perfect controlling the movements of the drone going away and coming towards me.
The experience of flying the drone up north was fantastic. I took a lot of pictures and I'll add one here ;)

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