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  1. CieloImaging

    Issue with Mini 3 Pro, Shipped in a Week vs Mini 4 Pro Now?

    Hi all. When I bought my Mini 3 Pro almost a year ago at Best Buy with the Fly More Combo Plus, I also added the Best Buy TotalTech protection plan and it has been great (my first M3P had a power defect and they literally grabbed a new one from the shelf and exchanged it for the defective one)...
  2. T

    Unstable Hover Over Pitched Roofs

    I've noticed that my Mavic 2 becomes highly unstable when flying roof inspections on residential properties where the client has asked for shots from about ten feet away. Rather than hover in place like it ideally would, the aircraft will drift and even descend several feet randomly, making it...
  3. A

    Liability Insurance for American Visiting Norway?

    Hi all, I have a trip planned to Norway and am hoping to bring my DJI Mini 3 Pro with me. Norway requires all pilots, regardless of drone size, to have about $900,000 of liability coverage. I have tried all of the US based insurance providers I can find on Google, and none of them offer...
  4. Yaros

    How to get/upgrade Care Refresh for 2nd year?

    I bought the drone and activated it together with care refresh the 11th of August 2022. I crashed once in February this year, used care refresh to replace it. Now I have one replacement left, but as I understand, the 11th of August 2022 this will no longer be the case. How do I buy the Care...
  5. J

    Drone Insurance Needed? Switzerland

    Hi all. I'm a relatively new drone operator. I'm going to Switzerland next week (I live in the US) and was considering taking my drone with me. The Switzerland drone laws seems pretty straightforward except one: ' If you operate a drone weighing more than 500 grams (1.1 pounds), you must...
  6. Yaros

    Does DJI Care Refresh counts as an Insurance?

    Hello, I recently found out that you need insurance to fly in Spain, even if it's recreational. I have DJI Care Refresh, does that count as an insurance for the AESA/EASA?
  7. S

    Geek Squad vs DJI Refresh SoCal

    Fellow Drone Enthusiasts, I am going to be purchasing DJI Air 2s as my first drone in the very near future(hopefully today) and I was wondering about a couple combinations of insurance options I've researched. One is to get the DJI Refresh on its own. Another option is to go with the Best Buy...
  8. W

    Which Insurance covering should i get?

    Hello everyone! Im a 18 years old student andits my first time getting a somehow professional drone. I ordered the DJI Mini 2, which is in comparison to my last Toy drones professional. Im from Europe and we got pretty strong regulations. First step is to get the right insurance. Since im a...
  9. R

    Red Deer, Alberta

    Hello fellow pilots! Sadly, I have doscovered this wonderful group as I search for “DJI Care Plus flyaway claim denied - what to do”. Have any of you had a claim get denied? What did you do? Is there an appeal process? Once I am back in the sky I would love to fly with anyone in central...
  10. Sam_B

    Insurance for an under 18???

    Any recommendations for insurance for a Mavic mini for an under 18 year old?? My old Mavic mini had a malfunction and crashed into a river (see my other thread) so I have learnt my lesson and am getting insurance for my next one. (Because £300 is still a lot of money for me - and I also want...
  11. H

    Insurance options in the UK?

    Hi, Since DJI refreshment requires the drone to be collected if damaged so as to be replaced, what are other insurance options in the UK? In the USA there is the State Farm for example, which replaces your done on theft, loss or accident and it's super cool, cheap and convenient. Do we have...
  12. T

    Advice for Seychelles

    Hi, first time here. Any do’s and dont’s about traveling to Seychelles with a mavic air, flying there and especially insurance. I’m an inexperienced recreational pilot and believe insurance is required. Tried cause it’s part of AirMap but they only insure commercial pilots.
  13. J

    Thailand travel - need liability insurance UK - ideas?

    Hi guys, Off to Thailand in October for a couple of weeks and I have to apply for a license to fly from Thai aviation. No issues, have the forms and got a good idea of what I need to do. I do need liability insurance with my mavic air serial number listed before I can apply though. Have...
  14. TDWright

    Insurance: Is it or is it not a requirement?

    Hi all. First Post. Be gentle. I have a bit of unique circumstance that makes me ask the question about insurance. Personally, I have an SFOC and liability insurance and will keep it after I get the Advanced Pilot Certificate. At work though, it's a different story. I am a Public Affairs...
  15. JakeRobinson

    Super Cheap Drone Insurance... not what you think...

    So, I was reading through a post where a guy lost his drone and insurance was being discussed. One person posted the his State Farm Insurance wrote a "Personal Articles Policy" for $5 per month. I went "hmmmm" to myself and called my P&C guy and asked about getting this coverage. They (she)...
  16. D

    Liability insurance claim

    Hello, Has anyone had a claim on AMA or other insurer liability insurance? I'm not asking about a claim to repair or replace your drone, rather a claim wherein your drone caused damage to person or property. If so, what was your experience with the claim? Were flight logs reviewed to be...
  17. ToddTech2002

    Drone Insurance

    Hello. I am getting my drone this coming Monday. For the investment I spent, I would like it protected. How do I do about getting something like insurance or a protection plan on my drone? Thank you, Todd Mitchell
  18. maVik-Venkat

    Insurance on a used drone

    Hey guys - got a used MP and love it. Terrified of it flying away on me and want to insure it. Read the threads here and landed on State farm, who I reached out to. The thing is: bought mine used, and therefore no receipt. I'm calling the seller to send me one, but seems unlikely. Anyone dealt...
  19. CarlosCN

    Permit/Insurance for M2Z required in USA?

    Hi, Would you please help me with the following points? I live in China and have my M2Z registered here. I will be visiting USA (LA, NV) for two weeks. Do I need to register the equipment in USA? How? Are there conditions e.g. max. altitude or areas where permitting is not required? Can you...
  20. Brojon

    Traveling Europe with drones.

    My wife is going to a conference next year then spending some time in University libraries doing research. So I will have some time ( a couple of weeks) to wander about and take my time with drone photography. I plan on taking my Mavic Pro and my Spark. Along with a small mirrorless digital...