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  1. JakeRobinson

    Super Cheap Drone Insurance... not what you think...

    So, I was reading through a post where a guy lost his drone and insurance was being discussed. One person posted the his State Farm Insurance wrote a "Personal Articles Policy" for $5 per month. I went "hmmmm" to myself and called my P&C guy and asked about getting this coverage. They (she)...
  2. D

    Liability insurance claim

    Hello, Has anyone had a claim on AMA or other insurer liability insurance? I'm not asking about a claim to repair or replace your drone, rather a claim wherein your drone caused damage to person or property. If so, what was your experience with the claim? Were flight logs reviewed to be...
  3. ToddTech2002

    Drone Insurance

    Hello. I am getting my drone this coming Monday. For the investment I spent, I would like it protected. How do I do about getting something like insurance or a protection plan on my drone? Thank you, Todd Mitchell
  4. maVik-Venkat

    Insurance on a used drone

    Hey guys - got a used MP and love it. Terrified of it flying away on me and want to insure it. Read the threads here and landed on State farm, who I reached out to. The thing is: bought mine used, and therefore no receipt. I'm calling the seller to send me one, but seems unlikely. Anyone dealt...
  5. CarlosCN

    Permit/Insurance for M2Z required in USA?

    Hi, Would you please help me with the following points? I live in China and have my M2Z registered here. I will be visiting USA (LA, NV) for two weeks. Do I need to register the equipment in USA? How? Are there conditions e.g. max. altitude or areas where permitting is not required? Can you...
  6. Brojon

    Traveling Europe with drones.

    My wife is going to a conference next year then spending some time in University libraries doing research. So I will have some time ( a couple of weeks) to wander about and take my time with drone photography. I plan on taking my Mavic Pro and my Spark. Along with a small mirrorless digital...
  7. Cybernaut

    AMA Membership

    Has anyone looked into AMA membership? It looks like most of the fixed wing and RC helicopter clubs near me require membership. There are some benefits, such as liability insurance. Plus the Section 336 Special Rules imply that membership in a national organization is a requirement. Homepage |...
  8. jmark

    Norwegians > Insurance etc

    Hey! Just wondering what my fellow Norwegians do for insurance, both for the Drone itself and the liability insurance incase of an accident. It seems from my research here, that DJI care is not available over here, or is this wrong?
  9. R

    Wanted - third party liability insurance for Switzerland

    I am an Australian resident planning a trip to Switzerland in September and wish to fly my Mavic Pro. I don't hold a commercial licence. The Swiss rules aren't unduly restrictive, but require you to hold third party cover up to sFr1 million, and to be able to provide documentation on request...
  10. D

    UK governing bodies / insurance

    As I can see there are two bodies in the UK representing drone fliers, British Model Flying Association and FPV UK. Both of these offer insurance. I am leaning towards joining FPV UK since it seems more relevant to drone flying. Does anybody have experience of either of these bodies?
  11. R

    liability insurance in Europe

    Anybody know liability insurance company in Europe for foreigners? At least three european country: Germany, Austria and Switzerland require drone liability insurance by law for just any flight. The problem will be if you are not resident of this countries: I asked many insurance companies, and...
  12. P

    Comprehensive Drone TRAVEL Guide/Tips

    Hi drone enthusiasts! I just made a short-ish light-hearted guide when it comes to travelling and shooting with your drone. I decided to split the tips into phases such as preparation, pre-flight and flight to make the content more readily digestable. Feel free to share your own tips and...
  13. N

    DJI Refresh after 1 year...what next?

    I'm not positively sure but there seems to be a DJI Care Refresh Plus (+) available to extend another year. I don't have the details but I'm assuming that is one option after you are up with your first year. If you extend the following year, then you'll soon be up for another option to...
  14. Empato

    UK Insurance

    Hi, I have now missed the 48 hour window for DJI Care on my Mavic Pro. I am aware you can still get DJI Care after that timescale, but i was wondering if anyone knows of a similar insurance for drones that is available in the UK? **Edit** Just noticed another similar thread, but it seems to...
  15. timair

    AMA (U.S.A) now offers commercial drone insurance

    Here is the link about the AMA discussing their commercial drone insurance : Academy of Model Aeronautics This link comes from the AMA search page : Academy of Model Aeronautics - Google Search Results AMA Announces Commercial Drone Insurance Exclusively for AMA ... AMA Announces Commercial...
  16. 2

    Flying in Thailand

    Hello all, I'm going to be traveling to Thailand later this year and I'd love to take my Mavic Pro with me to get some footage from several of the more remote places I'm going to be. Upon initial investigation, I'm seeing that I need to file for all sorts of registration with the local...
  17. I

    Recreation Drone Insurance guide UK - What's available?

    Still no "all-in" drone insurance for recreational UAV flyers in the UK. Some cover PL, some accident/theft etc, a few cover fly-aways, most don't. The recreational market must be a potential goldmine for an insurance company that ticks the right boxes. Who do you use? He's a quick over view of...
  18. D

    Crash Before Care Refresh, flight logs available, considering fraud, HELP

    Hello Before you think im a bad guy i spent almost 1500$ on this thing. OK, so I made the required video for dji care refresh in say January, but didnt file for insurance. I crashed the mavic pro really bad in say february. i applied for dji care refresh in say march and was accepted, and...
  19. E


    Hi Guys, I have a Mavic Pro Platinum on the way and want to know what accessories you guys think I should get? Just so you know and to set some parameters I have no interests in landing pads, leg extensions or wraps. I am interested in if I should get the Crystal sky. If so what size? Or...
  20. A

    Public Liability Insurance (and general camera insurance)

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good company to go with for Worldwide public liability insurance and also insurance for my camera equipment. I'm travelling abroad with my DJI Mavic Pro and wanted to get some cover for it. I already have the DJI Care Refresh. Any...