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  1. S

    OBUOY accessory - do you have an experience?

    Hello guys, I had a crash with my mini 2 into water, I have never found my drone. I recently read about OBUOY, lifejacket for drone. I am thinking about purchase, it looks like the last chance how to save drovning drone. What do you think?
  2. S

    Mini 2 Best of Georgia - filmed using DJI Mini 2

    Hi All, Happy to share the highlights of my recent trip to Georgia - great country for drone footages😍
  3. adam_nasrri

    My first crash, what happend? Help please

    Hello people! Location : Lelystad | The Netherlands. I had my first mavic drone back in 2016 and i never had any crach during my flight times. I got lately the dji mavic 2 zoom drone and i flown with it multiple times before something happened in the 23th of February 2021. It was a nice sunny...
  4. V

    Mavic Pro shot and returns home safely

    The story has been out there a few days now but my Mavic Pro was shot and hit last weekend ... The most impressive part is that it flew just shy of 3/4 mile to land safely... I can’t be more happy with the product that DJI has out there ... Thanks for all the support so far ...
  5. R

    Mavic Mini return to the remote location

    Hello everyone, Its been 5 weeks I got my mavic mini. I love all the features and functionality of mavic mini. However, i was trying to make a video while riding a car. Surprisingly, after every 49 ft the drone would stop and give a warning sigh “ maximum altitude reached return home” it was...
  6. F

    Take extra cautions when flying drone from moving objects.

    I just bought Mavic Air. This is my first DJI drone. Did my research and making savings for a while. Me and my wife planned to go on vacation to Vietnam, visiting Halong Bay and the big Jesus Statue. I was telling myself this is the perfect time to buy the drone. Bought the drone a week ago and...