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  1. kbeeg

    Abandoned Indian Boarding School - Oklahoma

    I shot this around Christmas with my Mavic Air before I traded it in on my Mavic 2 Pro. I also edited in some photos I took inside with my Nikon D7200. Please like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.
  2. L

    Mavic problem

    how you guys doing? i have a quick question. I got my mavic pro fly more combo for Christmas, and then like 5 days later i'm flying it, in my friends backyard to show him. He lives inside the yellow zone. I was able to take off, and fly for like a good minute, then it asked me for a payment...
  3. Christian Moreton

    Mavic Color Modes McBeth Chart.

    It was a snowy day, so I shot color charts to see the various looks available on the Mavic. MP4 and H254 compression only keeps enough information to make the resulting footage look good, leaving no latitude for grading. Any adjustment reveals that compression and shots end up looking broken...