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  1. matzeulrich

    DJI Mini 3 Pro | Uncontrolled sinking leads to ditch into ocean despite countermeasures

    Hey there, some days ago my DJI Mini 3 Pro ditched into the ocean despite I was pushing the up-stick. Because I saw some whales nearby the beach I was very excited and ran to get my drone, quickly started it and took off from a place I used for take off on the days before. At this moment I was...
  2. H

    Mini 3 Beautiful Glen Coe, Scotland (4K Cinematic)

  3. H

    Hello from Scotland

    Hello drone pilots. I Just signed up to my first drone forum today but I have owned a Mini 3 Pro for a few months now. I recently got back from a six week trip in Europe where I filmed some lesser known cities in Germany, France and Spain. I am still editing the clips from most of the footage...
  4. maurotandoi

    Mini 3 D-Cinelike my color passion w/DJI MINI3 Pro

  5. N

    Hallo aus Berlin!

    Hi and welcome from Berlin, Germany. We all know what its like, shops are open after Christmas and you are looking around killing time whilst the other half is in some other random shop. If I am honest I was kind of looking for a VR headset. but then something else caught my eye! Next...
  6. View of Downtown Miami from PortMiami.JPG

    View of Downtown Miami from PortMiami.JPG

    Here is a glimpse of the view of Downtown Miami from PortMiami and Royal Caribbean offices.
  7. Windstar's Star Legend prepares for departure

    Windstar's Star Legend prepares for departure

    Yesterday morning, the ultra-luxury Windstar Star Legend arrived at PortMiami from Lisbon, Portugal. 12 hours later, she left for Key West, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize and returns to Miami 27/12. In 2023, she'll spend her time in European ports like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Copenh
  8. B

    Need assistance! Rescue operation for my Mini 3 Pro

    I was flying my drone when completing a quick shot near the cliffs by Scrips Pier San Diego. The drone crashed half way up the cliff and was basically destroyed on impact. I cannot get a visual on it from the ground or top of the cliff. I know its there. If there is anyone who would like to fly...
  9. DroneTinker

    Mini 3 Night vibes with Mini 3 Pro

    Night shot made with DJI Mini 3 Pro in beautiful seaside town of Almuñecar in the province of Granada, Spain. Location: Bahía Almuñecar Hotel. Shot in D-Cinelike. Edited and color graded in Final Cut Pro.
  10. maurotandoi

    3 DJI MINI3 PRO - MY Channel TRAILER :-)

    To celebrate the imminent release of our DJI MINI 3 PRO I prepared this short preview that makes us dream a bit. VFX with DavinciResolve18beta So I'll make a TRAILER, if DJI would send me... today... a MINI3PRO:-)) How many places will we discover with our DJI MINI 3 PRO? will review it in...