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  1. R

    Mavic mini 2 firmware upgrade and downgrade with assistant 2 2.1.0.exe

    Downgrade RC-N1 to firmware v2.00.1200 for better distance and more stable V. 4.0. Firmware is for air s2 not as good as v2. 00.1200 which is for mavic mini 2 and I've done 6.5 miles on mine. V4.0 kept losing connection Here's my video on how to do this!
  2. trelliz

    Hacking max altitude on newer Mavic Pros fail

    I have just learned the hard way that newer models of mavic pros (with initial 1.3.1 FW or newer) cannot be simply downgraded, but must also be disassembled and an extra micro sd card must be inserted in order for the drone to work. Otherwise you will get "cannot take off message" and sd card...
  3. M

    Is there a way to... ?

    I finally decided to stop "upgrades"... or better to say, to "roll back" to the following configs. Mavic Firmware : v01.03.0700 (reverted with DJ Assistant, when still was possible) Ipad Mini: DJI GO 4 App iOS v4.0.8 (some deal, to download v4.0.8 ipa file on PC) Huawey P8: DJI GO 4 App...
  4. D

    Downgrade Dji Mavic 800 to 700 f/w

    Will there be a flight limit of 800 and 700 on the 800 and 700?
  5. mlaczek

    Firmware downgrade with go4 app question

    Hi pilots, i would like to try downgrade my Mavic, and RC with go4 app. i have to use go4 app and my phone for downgrade, because at home i have just wifi internet connection, and always when i try to downgrade, the wifi stick in my PC lost the connection with the router. i found a video on...
  6. B

    Sys Warning Check App- app displays no warning

    Hi all, I've had my magic for a few days now. And since day one there has been an error that says "sys warning Check app'. It is displayed on the controller however when i go in to the app there is no warnings. I have treid to update firmware via Dji assistant 2 and It seems stuck in a...