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drone code

  1. P

    Newbie drone owner from the UK with a general drone code question.

    Hi guys, As the title says I'm a newbie drone owner (Mavic Mini) from the UK and have a general drone code question. I'm aware of the rules that you cannot fly above 400ft, over large crowds etc but my question is in reference to the flying over/near a "congested" area. I live on the outskirts...
  2. A

    Surveying UK village development and changing landscape

    The village where I live in Shropshire in the UK is undergoing some notable development, with a new housing estate being built. I'd like to fly the drone over the new development, some of which have recently had people move in, to capture a series of nadir photos (a few hundred) to stitch...
  3. jontracey

    Drone Privacy - Is it ok to fly over peoples houses (UK)

    In a follow up to my video earlier this week, I created a video on the section 4 of the drone code, specifically to answer the question is it ok to fly over peoples houses. Love to get your feedback. ps. even kept it under 2.5 minutes for the reddit crowd as their attention spans are not the...