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drone fishing

  1. nyctosf

    2020 Updated San Francisco / Bay Area flying spots

    Only had my drone for a few days but have been struggling to find infos on where I can fly my drone in the SF Bay Area... So many NFZ Nature Preserves / Marin Country Parks around here it almost made me regret buying it... but I found some spots and already flew 2. I am especially interested in...
  2. mereflyer

    Drone Fishing Anyone?

    Hi to All wannabe drone fisherpersons!! Here's a very simple way to take a fishing line to a likely fishing patch inaccessible by normal casting! The attached pictures tell the story, so wont bore with too many details. Just bend up some stainless brazing rod - (from local welding supplies...
  3. P

    Disable LED auto turn off when recording

    I do drone fishing using the Gannet by The drop system is activated by a photovoltaic sensor on the starboard LED. With C2 button controlling the LED you simply push C2, the LED turns off, the fishing lure is dropped in the water. So far so good (and drone fishing is very...