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drone flight

  1. C

    Air 2s Took a chance

    So the fog was thick as soup this morning could not see anything, forecast was 100% low cloud and fog, anyway I thought i would chance a drive into Blackpool town centre to video and photograph the tower, so I sent the drone up thinking that there would be nothing to see, but I certainly got...
  2. blackomega

    COSCO Pride docking in Prince Rupert Container Port

    Hey Guys Here is my latest video in my container ship series the COSCO Pride. This is a shorter video and I am trying some new editing techniques. Please comment on the video if you like what you see and please subscribe my channel. Trying to get at least 50 more people subscribed to unlock...
  3. mph300

    Guaging value on flying in National Parks

    If you were to have interest in flying in a National Park, what kind of value would you place on that opportunity?