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  1. cgmaxed

    DJI Drone Internal Transmitter Booster. NOT FOR the RC, but for the drone itself.

    Does anyone know who might supply RF boosters for drones themselves? Or, how the drone's output signal can be boosted. I'm not interested in boosting the R/C. That's been done. I'd like to boost the drone's RF output itself. Flying low in wooded areas is very limiting. If the drones output RF...
  2. Pasquale Josepe

    Mini 2 Incredible Beaches of Cancun Mexico!

    Wow did I ever need a vacation. I was able to bring my mini buddy with me too ; ). Cancun isn't just about some of the sexiest women you've ever seen. The beaches are incredible as well. I should just say 1 big beach as you'll see in the video. As always, I appreciate any likes, comments...
  3. Y

    Is it okay to post this on YouTube / Instagram?

    I recently was filming a church and a theater in my area, but before posting it I wanted to ask if it is okay, because there are some other things visible as houses and hotels around. I can legally fly over them (if I'm above 40 meters) at least here in Spain as far as I know, but one thing is...
  4. QldKing

    Air 2s Crawford's Lookout | Queensland ?? | 4K [2021] Cairns Far North Queensland

    #DJIAIR2S Crawford's Lookout | Queensland ?? | 4K [2021] Cairns Far North Queensland Set in the highland region of northern Australia on the outskirts of Cairns, the Atherton Tablelands unfold in a diverse mixture of landscapes. Here, you can see a collection of rainforests and wetlands home to...
  5. RonanCork

    Air 2s Drone light painting (Huawei P30 Pro or Nikon 3100) ?

    Hey Guys, I'm going to try my hand at some drone light painting (have the Air2S). I've a tripod (which can hold phone or DSLR). I also have the below 2 and was wondering which of them would be best to capture the image ? Huawei P30 pro: 32MP, f2.0. Spec is here Nikon 3100 DSLR: 14MP, spec is...
  6. P

    DJI FPV Video shows Choppy in Post Edit in Adobe Premiere

    Have a DJI FPV Drone, I just popped the SD card into my computer and watching the raw footage it is buttery smooth no issues. When I import to PP that's when I get choppy frames/freezing for seconds. If I add audio the audio will continue while the video stays frozen generally. Checked the frame...
  7. Jim D

    2 Pro Sunset Lake Stevens

    RAW Pano, shot in bursts of 5, processed in ACR, median stacked, brought back into ACR for stitching.
  8. zeNitro

    Recreational License in ireland

    Question to those who has Recreational license in ireland. How is the process of getting it, and does it include flying at nights? just bought 2 led lights for my mini 2 (see image below) i have finished flying just over 100Km. Now im willing to get my toes in some video creation stoff. (Was the...
  9. 7

    Air 2 Found this hidden Gem in Abu Dhabi!

    Hello Pilots and creative people. I am sharing this shot and place I found while scouting /Mapping Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Shot in Mavic Air 2 Quick shot- Helix Let me know your thoughts
  10. Divine

    ND Filter Mavic Mini

    What are some good ND filters for the Mavic Mini?
  11. Divine

    Mavic Mini Randomly Flies Away

    Hey Everybody, So I was flying my Mavic mini at a lake in a safe to fly zone. Suddenly it turned its self and flew away very fast crashing into the ground. Luckily the drone is fine. DJI didn't give me a proper answer to why it happened. Everything was fine when I was flying and no warnings...
  12. Korrd

    Air 2 This is Flight | Exploring Montevideo

  13. F

    Air 2 Video from Madeira

    Hotel Estalagem da Ponta do Sol raw footage quick morning shoot before checking out.
  14. pommy

    Air 2S Video Loss - Can someone look at my flight logs please?

    Hi all, I had a really scary situation where the drone lost it’s video transmission completely. It was out to sea, no obstacles at only 250-300m away from me (but high 120m so couldn’t see it for the sun). Just before it lost signal, it said return to home, but it never did, it just...
  15. M

    Storing drone images to cloud server

    Hi, I'm looking for a solution to store my drone image in a cloud server. Can anybody help me in doing it. Any information regarding shooting the drone image and uploading it on the cloud server simultaneously would be of great help. Thank you in advance.
  16. B

    Drones that 'follow me'?

    Hi all, I have a friend who surfs and was asking me what drones are available to him that would follow him out, video him surfing, and back. I explained that my mini 2 doesn't have this facility so thought I should ask the experts......
  17. Divine

    Sydney Mavic Mini

    Hey Everyone, You can check out my finest drone clips 2020 in Sydney, Australia over HERE Follow my Instagram HERE for cinematic drone photos Feedback would be appreciated
  18. donatas1

    Mini 2 DJI Mini 2 Flight Test. Two drones descend into a lava tunnel.

    DJI Mini 2 Flight Test. Two drones descend into a lava tunnel.
  19. D

    DJI FPV Drone air scoop non-functional?

    after my first flight with the FPV drone, I noticed there was a small paper wad inside the gimbal cavity. While trying to dig it out with a toothpick, it fell in between the cracks into the front of the drone so I took off the front cover to retrieve said paper. to my surprise, when the front...
  20. donatas1

    Iceland Vulcan

    Iceland Vulcan