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  1. I

    Postman Pat Killed my Drone ! How to avoid losing ££$$

    If you are selling drone equipment via ebay etc be careful how you are shipping your kit, especially batteries. You could end up losing the lot & insurance will not pay out! This happened last week (NOT ME) and is happening more often. So follow the tips so it doesn't happen to YOU!
  2. B

    Recommendations for Sheriff's Office

    I’m helping out my local police department and Sheriff’s Office to find drones for use in their operations. Currently, they have no drone. I’ve been told as a member of LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee) that there are two drones available in 6 counties (2 of the counties own them but are...
  3. TechVoyager

    A beautiful bike ride to the beautiful Kotagiri Hill station [Video]

    Just some newbie amateur drone shots for your feedbacks. Raw footages no color grading. And through the eyes of our beloved Mavic Air [0,0,0, Auto settings, Normal Scene, No D-Cinelike] Trying to fly more and learn more.. Hope you enjoyed this video. Please support the channel by hitting the...
  4. C

    Flying a drone in China

    I'm taking a motorcycle trip through Russia, China and other Asian countries, and I'm planning on bringing my Mavic Air drone with me. I've heard that I must register my drone in order to enter China, but I'm not really clear on all of the requirements, and how best to solve them. So, I've...
  5. D

    Anyone knows any Fields or park in Westchester County or Bronx to fly mavic pro 2 zoom?

    I just got my mavic pro 2 zoom Anyone know’s any Fields or park to fly my mavic pro 2 zoom? Looking to fly any where in Westchester County, NY or the Bronx, I currently live in Elmsford, NY. Thanks.
  6. D

    Bali - Anantara Seminyak Beach and Visesa Ubud Resort

    Aerials views of the beautiful beach at Anantara Seminyak Resort and the rice fields in Visesa Ubud Resort in Indonesia Music: Sam Feldt ft. George Shelley - Leave Me Alone Hello all!!! Please support my video, I am new here!!! Its a great community here.
  7. Rhysg412

    Rapeseed Crop Field Edit - Mavic Pro 4k Footage

    Hi all, I drove past a rapeseed field yesterday on my way home and thought it would make for a cool video.. let me know what you think.. My Insta: Instagram: DJI_Rhys - Mavic Pro Drone 4K
  8. Lake Ice slowly losing its grip

    Lake Ice slowly losing its grip

    With North Country daytime highs now vaulting into the 50's, even 60's, lake waters have started to spring into view again. Shallows warm up first, of course...
  9. KlangCodex

    South Tyrol by drone (4K)

    Hey there, this is my first post at all in these forums. :) Just wanted to share some impressions of our trip to South Tyrol (Italy) with you guys, critique is always welcome: Best regards David
  10. Roy Rogers

    When Creeks get out of THEIR Banks

    Memorial Park in Scott county VA
  11. dkhullinger

    Hello! I am from Utah

    I found this website trying to learn new things. I'm new to flying. I have a Mavic Air. YouTube Follow Utah
  12. B

    Apple's Drone images

    I'm interested in where this image might be from I'm also interested in how Apple is able to do this drone footage of an airport with all the NFZ spaces. This is on their 4k Apple TV. The planes are all moving so this is not a static satellite image.
  13. B

    Fly More Differences?

    What is the difference between the Mavic 2 Fly More Enterprise https://www.adorama.com/djicpen7401.html and the Mavic 2 Fly More? https://www.adorama.com/djiflykit.html Other than price? Are the batteries interchangeable between the Mavic 2 Zoom/Pro and the Enterprise editions? I assumed...
  14. I

    UK parliament Inquiry on Drone use closes 12th April 2019-Respond now.

    If you fly drones commercially or recreationally in the UK, you need to do this before the 12th April 2019..
  15. Adirondack Medley: A compilation of Adrirondack drone videos

    Adirondack Medley: A compilation of Adrirondack drone videos

    A compilation of Adirondack drone videos.........
  16. Adirondack Winter: A snow-covered forest

    Adirondack Winter: A snow-covered forest

    This is another aerial view of an Adirondack winter. Featuring, views of snow covered mountains, a drone view of a deer, and much more....
  17. Adirondack Autumn: The forest in full bloom

    Adirondack Autumn: The forest in full bloom

    Fall colors in the Adirondack Mountains in 4K.....
  18. ChuckNorrisUSAF

    Hello from Big Sky! Montana - New Guy! <---

    Retired USAF - (doesn't mean I'm a pilot by any means :D) Brand new to the site - brand new to the drone world! Ordered my Mavic Pro 2 - coming in a couple weeks - already stocked up on the Fly More Kit, and other various fancy accessories. Ready to protect my investment. Hope to read and...
  19. I

    Fed up with jerky drone pan shots? This maybe the problem.

    The Camera pan.. got to be one of the trickiest Aerial drone shots to get right..
  20. V

    Sailing to amazing Frewin Island

    Frewin Island is really paradise found. A tiny village in the centre and a perfect golden sand beach bordering onto a vibrant coral reef, coupled with loads of friendly and curious kids and you have found the right spot. After being solo for the past months it was very nice to welcome Ylva back...