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  1. Korrd

    Air 2 This is Flight | Exploring Montevideo

  2. F

    Air 2 Video from Madeira

    Hotel Estalagem da Ponta do Sol raw footage quick morning shoot before checking out.
  3. pommy

    Air 2S Video Loss - Can someone look at my flight logs please?

    Hi all, I had a really scary situation where the drone lost it’s video transmission completely. It was out to sea, no obstacles at only 250-300m away from me (but high 120m so couldn’t see it for the sun). Just before it lost signal, it said return to home, but it never did, it just...
  4. M

    Storing drone images to cloud server

    Hi, I'm looking for a solution to store my drone image in a cloud server. Can anybody help me in doing it. Any information regarding shooting the drone image and uploading it on the cloud server simultaneously would be of great help. Thank you in advance.
  5. B

    Drones that 'follow me'?

    Hi all, I have a friend who surfs and was asking me what drones are available to him that would follow him out, video him surfing, and back. I explained that my mini 2 doesn't have this facility so thought I should ask the experts......
  6. hyperion_droneography

    Sydney Mavic Mini

    Hey Everyone, You can check out my finest drone clips 2020 in Sydney, Australia over HERE Follow my Instagram HERE for cinematic drone photos Feedback would be appreciated
  7. donatas1

    Mini 2 DJI Mini 2 Flight Test. Two drones descend into a lava tunnel.

    DJI Mini 2 Flight Test. Two drones descend into a lava tunnel.
  8. D

    DJI FPV Drone air scoop non-functional?

    after my first flight with the FPV drone, I noticed there was a small paper wad inside the gimbal cavity. While trying to dig it out with a toothpick, it fell in between the cracks into the front of the drone so I took off the front cover to retrieve said paper. to my surprise, when the front...
  9. donatas1

    Iceland Vulcan

    Iceland Vulcan
  10. Abu Elias

    Mini 2 Wadi Darbat Salalah

    HI Wadi Darbat Oman in Salalah
  11. P

    Buying a DJI Mini for a Cross-Country Road Trip: Is it worth it?

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new here, but I have been reading and watching a lot of content about drones for the past 4-5 months or so. I am taking a cross-country road trip with a few friends of mine this summer and was really excited about the prospect of bringing a drone and capturing some...
  12. A

    Drones in Portugal

    Hello, I am from the UK and I am visiting Portugal in June, hoping to fly my drone there. However when I try to register the drone the system asks for a ‘digital key’ which I do not have and don’t understand how to get. Do any of you know how to get this or do the registration without this...
  13. cgmaxed

    A new look at the Gatwick Airport U.K. Drone Debacle; What they should have done.

    I'll get straight to my point. THEY SPENT 800,000 POUNDS !! Just to investigate drone sightings that were unverified. It's the 800,000 pounds that perplexes me. Instead of running around spending money on an investigation, THEY COULD HAVE BOUGHT AND INSTALLED A HIGH END DRONE DETECTION SYSTEM...
  14. I

    SOLD NEW Sealed DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo + 1 yr DJI Care Insurance

    SOLD elsewhere. Bought 6 month ago (so it still has manufacturer warranty and unactivated 1 yr DJI Care Refresh insurance) but never used this unit so I am putting it up for sale. I think everyone here should be familiar with the price breakdown and why fly more combo (and what it comes with)...
  15. F

    Mini 2 Photos from la conchita

    So here is my first submission it's photos I took from around La Conchita in california where I live. Let me know what you all think and how I can improve. I want to create some really awesome desktop backgrounds.
  16. wilmutiny3

    Found drone under Gemini Bridges, Moab

    We were on Gemini bridges yesterday and spotted a drone stuck on a short tower below. No one was on the hiking trail below trying to get it and it didn’t belong to anyone up above. We estimate the tower it was on to be maybe 80-100’. I didn’t get close enough to investigate cause the updraft...
  17. L

    Need learning material for A2 drone exam

    Hello. I am going to take an exam for flying A2 category drone. I have purchased a DJI Mavic air 2 without realising that it weighs more than 500g which means I must take an A2 cat exam. The topic for the exam : knowledge of the technical and operational mitigations for ground risks They do not...
  18. E

    Air 2 Flying in Alaska

    Last year my wife and I managed to visit various spots in Alaska - what an amazing place. We made a quick video highlighting some of our favorite experiences. Hope you enjoy the video!
  19. R

    Old Trafford

    Good afternoon, I am a pfco holder and fly a M2P. I have just contacted MUFC to gain permission to fly near Old Trafford to create a video. They replied saying that OT is a strict no fly zone, but according to Drone Assist and the DJI app it is not. I was also under the impression that they do...
  20. J

    Cabarita Island - Port Maria Jamaica

    Pilot Check-In From Jamaica Yesterday my daughter and decided to go watch the sunrise from a particular location. We got up late so we changed plans and went to explore an island with our Mavic Air 2. Take a look at the video. Let me know your feedback. Hope you enjoy. Link is below