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  1. C

    Bend OR Suggestions

    Haven't been to Bend for years and wondered if anyone has suggestions on good places to fly. I do landscape photography. Know there is an airport and always check for what is allowed. Thinking of driving through the lava fields on the way. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks,
  2. Yaros

    Air 1 Sa Coma & Cala Millor Beaches in Mallorca from a Mavic Air 1 - Video by Dlord Air

    This is another nice video from Mallorca :) This one isn't recorded by me, it is made by my friend from the Dlord Air YouTube Channel, he started making cinematic Mavic videos on YouTube, and I'm sure he would appreciate your support! I showed him some drone moves and helped to set up his mavic...
  3. Yaros

    Drunk man flew a drone over a beach full of people in Mallorca

    Translation from Spanish of the article by Police has fined a man who flew a drone in Cala Romántica without having the required permission and recklessly over people who were on the beach. An off-duty National Police officer in Cala Romántica observed a tourist flying a drone and at...
  4. Salem-Drone

    First Responders could get UAS's

    I get articles from Homeland Security and I just spotted this one today. The full article is linked below. it's titled: Feature Article: Unmanned Vehicles Could Lead the Way in Dangerous Rescue Situations First responders frequently encounter situations where an incident scene could be either...
  5. AFAngryWarrior

    How do you deal with kids?

    I live in a Townhouse community in upstate NY. There are more kids than I'd like, but they've been well behaved up until this past week. I've been flying my drone around and tried to keep it above 120m hoping they wouldn't notice it up in the air. They did... You'd think they were Billy Bob...
  6. donatas1

    Why You Need to Visit the Chapel of Saint Fatima in Madeira, Portugal
  7. Dale D

    3 Dawn in Miami-Drone Panorama

    This image was shot this morning from my driveway. I got up for a sunrise timelapse over Biscayne Bay and downtown Miami (with Key Biscayne trailing off to the right), but alas, too many clouds. The sun was behind the clouds. In the photo, you will be able to see the late May/early June budding...
  8. T

    3 Drone Footage Competition

    Hey everyone! The company I work for @Aerologix is currently running a drone stock footage competition with $7000 to be won (free to enter and available to Australian residents). I thought this would be a great opportunity for members of this group to enter! In addition to the cash prizes...
  9. Yaros

    Air 2 First Attempt at a (kind of) One-Shot with Mavic Air 2

    It is more like a video with speed ramps and sound design than a one-shot, but I thought I'd share it :)
  10. blackomega

    Mini 2 Loading canola grain onto a freighter at Ridley Island

    Today I am showcasing Prince Rupert Grain ltd. Grain arrives at Ridley Island via the CN rail line. The grain is cleaned, stored in silos and loaded onto freighter ships for export all over the world. In todays video the MV Mimitsu is getting topped up with a load of Canola for export down...
  11. C

    Newport Bound

    Headed to Newport for a couple of days. Would appreciate any ideas on good places to fly while there. Willing to travel, if needed. Thanks
  12. Yaros

    Air 2 Cala Millor Beach, Mallorca

    This is the video I recently made of Cala Millor Beach in the east coast of Mallorca. Hope you like it :) If you have any suggestions to make it better, I would like to know :)
  13. andred

    Mini 2 Netherlands Suburbs

  14. Yaros

    Mavic Air 2 vs Air 2S

    Mavic Air 2 vs Air 2S - comparison NOTE: This is based on my experience and knowledge, it might not coincide with mine, if it doesn't, leave a comment telling what you agree/disagree with. Thanks! My experience with both drones: I'm flying the Mavic Air 2 since August 2021, my friend is flying...
  15. IsItFlyDayYet

    [REMOVED] Selling Air 2S Fly More Combo with RC Pro Controller and Extras!!!

    Selling Air 2S Fly More Combo with RC Pro Controller and Extras!!! [For Sale, FS] It comes with 3 batteries, ND filters, 2 extra sets of props, and more! Plus the DJI branded bag designed specifically for this drone! NEVER had a fly-away, never crashed, never touched water, never bumped into...
  16. Yaros

    Does a drone with the following specs exist?

    I am not going to specify the reasons for such a drone, the drone is not for me, someone juts asked me if sucha drone exist, so I just want to know if it exists. Doesn't matter if it is DJI or Non-DJI. Something similar to the DJI Mini 2 but: - Low price ($400 or less) - 4K camera (preferably...
  17. K

    SOLD —Mavic Pro - Fly More Combo + Ronin RSC2

    Hey all, I have an original Mavic Pro Fly More Combo up for grabs, with an additional battery - total of 4. Also included is the Nanuk 920 Pro hard shell case, a set of 3 Polar Pro ND filters, 16gb & 32gb SD cards, and includes quiet props installed. All accessories from the fly more kit are...
  18. B

    Damage free collisions Judging from the huge number of crashes reported on these forums this looks like a great drone for many of us . For...
  19. Tryaksha

    2 Pro Belogradchick Rocks, Bulgaria

    I had shot this footage sometime last year. Haven't got around to color correcting it. My Davinci skills in color-coding are a bit rustic :) but I am sure I will get around and start processing the videos more efficiently. Shot on Mavic 2 pro without any filters. Towards the end of the video...