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  1. Drone View | Cracow Sunrise | Kraków Wschód Słońca

    Drone View | Cracow Sunrise | Kraków Wschód Słońca

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  2. Drone View - Sunrise

    Drone View - Sunrise

  3. blackomega

    Family fun at the lake

    Family boating and jetski fun at Lakelse Lakelse Lake
  4. Natural Splendor

    Natural Splendor

    I combined my latest drone shot with my "down-home" acoustic version of "America The Beautiful"
  5. blackomega

    A tribute to my home town

    The rain has finally stopped. Finally had the chance to test out my new advanced RPAS license
  6. blackomega

    The Skeena River

    Another drone flight of the British Columbia's amazing Skeena River
  7. O

    São Miguel Island - Azores _ M2Z

    Spectacular trip around the island of São Miguel (Azores - Portugal). Video recorded with my M2Z with ND filters and D-cinelike profile. Edited with Premiere Pro.
  8. 41C2F0E9-BBE4-4A99-A0C9-26768B6C351C.JPG


    Sunset in Maine
  9. joshmentele

    Mavic Pro Alpine Bundle - Like New

    I have a like new Mavic Pro Alpine bundle which has mostly been sitting on the shelf. It's wrapped in a stars and stripes skin to protect it from scratches and it hasn't been crashed. No damage or cracks whatsoever to the drone. I'm selling to fund my college tuition. Included: - 3...
  10. M

    Arrested?? This is a bad rap, and we need to help.

    This guy got screwed, but we can help. Let's show him support. (Mod Removed Go Fund Me..Guideline 11 )
  11. H

    Top Drone Vedios i have ever taken

    See here the most astonishing drone vedios !!! Once again Thank me later :)
  12. J

    SOLD: Mavic 2 Zoom $975

    Looking to sell my Zoom and snag a Mavic Air 2. It comes with an original carrying bag and all original accessories. Has 2 additional batteries, Polarpro filters, and prop holders. Can take more pics if needed.
  13. H

    Gimbal Motor Too Large Error

    I've had this Mavic Pro for some time now its always treated me well and its never been crashed. Basically I was out on a shoot and one morning, I fired her up, the gimbal tried to calibrate as it usually does but it never finished. Basically the camera just flips around, side-to-side clicking...
  14. A

    Dji Mavic PRO.

    Hello! I have a issue with my DJI mavic pro. I bought the drone the other day and it’s in the perfect condition but, if I’m not using the sport-mode the drone flying very slow. I flew it today and there was no wind at all. But still very slow. I turned off the beginner mode as well. Any ideas on...
  15. I

    DJI quoting 5 weeks for a refund?? Anyone else had Issues

    Had a question on #mail this week. Viewer got product.. didn't work.. which happens I guess, then was quote 5 Weeks for the refund..Understand we are in interesting time.. but website still says 7-14 days, not notice of coves-19 delays etc..AND they still are able to launch a new Mavic 2 Air...
  16. desertvet38

    Had To Get My "Fix" With My M2P - Riverview, Florida

    I hadn't flown my M2P in a while, so I had to fire her up and get her up in the air where she belongs! This is my backyard, where I can literally sit in my comfy chair next to my pool, and fly to my hearts content! :cool:
  17. J

    Iceland Road Trip Adventure Nov 2019

    Here is a video I made of my Icelandic Adventure to Iceland back in Nov 2019 All the footage is filmed with Mavic 2 Pro F4 ISO 100 Always , 4K30 FPS FOV Mode, Manual Shutter. No NDS
  18. desertvet38

    Bulk Carrier "Patagonia" - Tampa Bay, Florida

    This is the 591' long "Patagonia", a bulk carrier ship from Singapore. She was moored in Gibsonton, right off Tampa Bay this morning, so I had to pay her a visit before she set sail. Shot in 4k, at 30fps on my M2P.
  19. Congeetime

    Mount Fuji Japan DJI Mavic Mini & Pocket

    Hello! Here's a cinematic take on a recent trip to Kawaguchi, Japan. First time using the DJI mavic mini and the osmo pocket and they're the best combo for travelling! Also, my first time color grading so things aren't perfect! The weather wasn't the greatest so drone shots were limited...