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  1. B

    Mini 2 going crazy with pipe overhead - interference from steel object?

    Hi all. As you can see from the video below, I was hovering under a steel pipe and trying to move my camera up to take some pics but it went crazy, started to want to go up and I couldn't bring it down so had to grab it (as it was over a canal) and cut my thumb. Ouch 😁 Question - did it do this...
  2. Illuminata Photo

    Air 3 Aerial Madison

    Several weeks ago, I asked some questions on the forums regarding how high I might be able to fly as a 107 certificated pilot; I basically received the responses that I expected. A week ago, I took my drone to the west side of town and flew to just above a 1200' broadcasting tower. There was a...
  3. Daniel Boavida

    Air 2 Best Of 2 - Portugal by Drone

    Good morning everyone. Another best off from our walks in Portugal.Locations from Melides, Mértola to Peniche, Sintra. We have a beautiful country waiting to be found. Unfortunately, I have found many foreigners in these locations, enjoying what is ours. You look for things in other countries...
  4. Jonathan A

    Unlocking the Future of Drone Technology with DJI Avata

    In the realm of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), DJI has carved out a name synonymous with innovation and excellence. With each new release, the company pushes the boundaries of what drones can achieve. Among their latest offerings, the DJI Avata stands out as a beacon of technological prowess...
  5. GFields

    Drone Safety Day, The Commercial Ticket Myth, A Fresh Forecast " - FAASafety.go

    FAAST Blast —Drone Safety Day, The Commercial Ticket Myth, A Fresh Forecast Notice Number: NOTC3553 FAAST Blast — Week of April 15-April 21, 2024 Biweekly FAA Safety Briefing News Update Annual Drone Safety Day is Saturday, April 27 Drone Safety Day (DSD) is an annual campaign designed to...
  6. W

    DJI mini2 broked SMD

    Hi! Among the indicator LEDs of my Mini 2 drone (4 white LEDs next to the power button), the small component on the motherboard popped off. I know it's called SMD. The SMD between the 2nd and 3rd LED from the left is broken. I am attaching a picture from the internet to show which one it is. I...
  7. andred

    Mini 2 Geierlay Suspension Bridge, Germany

  8. S

    Amazing Fake Drone Videos. They look like drone footage, but aren't. I was impressed.

    This girl flies drones on a youtube channel, but shows ways of making video, that looks like a drone, in places that don't allow drones.
  9. F

    SOLD SOLD --DJI Mini 4 Pro

    This has been SOLD This is the Mini 4 Pro drone. It comes with the prop guard, four batteries (two standard, two large capacity) charging cradle, RC 2 controller, RC 2 cover (allows you to keep the sticks on and shades the screen when needed), Firehouse strobe, 64gb card, instruction manual...
  10. F

    SOLD--DJI Mini 3 Pro for sale

    HI, I am selling a Mini 3 Pro. This drone was used as a travel drone when I didn't have room to fly with my Mavic 3 setup. I ended up getting a Mini 4 Pro so its time to find a new home for this one. The Mini 3 Pro comes with the original battery (in outstanding condition), USB cables, spare...
  11. GekoCH

    Mini 4 Descending in Style: Brusio Viaduct - Swiss Railway Spectacle

    Switzerland boasts an exceptional railway network that weaves its way through challenging landscapes, requiring trains to navigate significant altitudes. Beginning in the serene valleys and ascending over majestic mountain passes, the Swiss rail system showcases remarkable feats of engineering...
  12. SlavaVisuals

    Greetings, fellow drone enthusiasts! from Alberta, Canada.

    Hello, everyone! I'm from Alberta, Canada, and my drone journey began about five years ago when I bought the DJI Mavic Air. Recently, I upgraded to the DJI Mini 4 Pro, and I've been putting it through its paces. You can find my drone adventures on my YouTube channel linked in my bio. I'm here...
  13. MavicManJim

    DJI Air 2s For Sale

    DJI Air 2s Prosumer Drone for sale. Original owner. Bought 7/8/21 from I have used it exclusively in my Drone business. Never crashed. Never hard landing. Immaculate condition. I have complete logs on every flight, kept on I have a hard case, prop stabilizers...
  14. Cotyoran52

    Mini 2 An Eagle Nest: Yoroz Summit of Ordu !

    Drone Cam: Dji Mini 2 Cut Edit: 2.7K-60 FPS, LumaFusion (iPad Pro 4th Gen) / VN Editor for iPad Pro Color Edit: Da Vinci Resolve for iPad (iPad Pro 4th Gen) Location: Yoroz Summit/ORDU #drone #djimini2 #yoroz #ordu #summit #tepe
  15. GekoCH

    Mini 3 Copenhagen - City of Contrasts

    During our road trip through Denmark we visited Copenhagen for a few days. What a nice city with a lot of old churches and buildings and in certain locations there are several architectural masterpieces. New buildings with constructions we've never seen. Cactus Towers, 8House, The Tietgen...
  16. I

    SOLD FS: NEW sealed DJI Air 2s Fly More Combo Drone DJI Refresh Eligible

    SOLD NEW Sealed in box DJI Air 2s Fly More Combo Drone DJI Refresh Eligible. Includes Battery Charging Hub, ND Filters Set, Shoulder Bag, two extra batteries, and more for extended flight time and enhanced content creation. ** 2 extra battery is $230 retail price if bought separately. Extra...
  17. TnDronePilot

    Is the Air 2 supported by Drone Deploy?

    Hi All. So I got an email from one of those drones-for-hire sites as I was asking about what drones can be used for their services. Here is part of his response: "The main drone to make sure you have is something that is compatible with Drone Deploy that has a 20MP camera. I hope that your...
  18. Big Ransom Studio

    New to forum from austin

    Hello. I’m new to the forum and hope to learn, and gain valuable insight, tips, hacks, and mostly your tried-and-true wisdom and experience. Thank you in advance for any help or time you spend for me. I know your schedules are likely much heavier than mine, and I truly appreciate it. Off to...
  19. L

    Bringing your drone to Bolivia

    Hey guys, I will soon go to Bolivia with the airline Boliviana de aviacion. Does anyone have experience with them and can tell me, if they let you on board with a drone? The website isn't that precised. My drone is the Mini 2. Thanks in regard, Lea
  20. J

    Soft for hack drones

    Good evening or day, I have been inspired by the idea of creating software for remote hacking of drones and taking control over them. I'm from Ukraine and I would like to help my country and put an end to these terrible events and the deaths of innocent people. Can you provide any ideas on where...