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  1. The church of The Immaculata in San Diego, California

    The church of The Immaculata in San Diego, California

    "The church of The Immaculata was originally designed to serve as the main chapel of the University of San Diego and of the Immaculate Heart Seminary. Today,...
  2. M

    Views Over & Inside SINGAPORE

    We had a short layover in the Lion City and it did not disappoint! I hope you all enjoy this brief look at our first time in Singapore! Kindly give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed it! Thanks ❤️
  3. joshmentele

    DJI Mavic Pro Drone with Extras -- $575 or best offer

    Up for sale is a DJI Mavic Pro with all original accessories. I am including one extra battery and a case with the drone. Everything in the pictures is what you get. Includes: Drone body x2 Batteries Remote control x4 Propellers Battery Charger Carrying Case The drone was involved in a crash...
  4. Walk On The Ocean

    Walk On The Ocean

    We were walking by the beach in San Diego and I had used my DJI Mavic intelligent mode to follow us. While editing I thought about Walk On The Ocean (Toad Th...
  5. G

    Congested area Map ??

    Hi guys. I know its quite simple to measure my distance from nearest congested area using something like google maps or other maps. But is there any app for showing congested area on map? Something like AirMap App or Drone Assist where on map is showing restricted zones of airport areas ect. But...
  6. blackomega

    CN Intermodal train in the snow

    Merry Christmas Mavic pilots and soon to be a happy new year. Here is my intermodal train passing through parked grain cars at a siding. Its hard to film trains as you never know where they are but yestarday i got luckey Please subscribe to my channel and like if you like Enjoy
  7. Roy Rogers

    A True Comparison ; Mavic Mini vs Mavic 2 Pro

    Can You Tell Mini from 2 Pro ?
  8. 2019 Christmas Lights Meridian, Idaho

    2019 Christmas Lights Meridian, Idaho

    Took my drone out to the Village at Meridian and Scentsy campus to capture Christmas lights. Please enjoy and Happy Holidays!
  9. Boise Depot Drone Shot

    Boise Depot Drone Shot

    This is my first drone video. I will adding more. In the meantime, make sure to follow my Instagram page: @droneman_idaho (https://www.instagram.com/droneman...
  10. DJI_0270-01_a.jpg


    Taipú de Fora beach, Maraú, Bahia, Brazil. By @lins_mar (Instagram). Drone Mavic Air.
  11. NL-pilot

    Flying to Spain with my Mavic Air

    Hi guys, I'm flying this month to Spain and I'll take my MA with me in my carry-on baggage. For the battery's I've bought the dji safe bags and they won't be fully charged. I have also printed the drone laws in Spain. Has someone any other idea's or would like to share your travel...
  12. Nawfaal

    I can’t switch my Mavic Mini to 5.8GHz.

    I have a Spark as well and it works fine on 5.8GHz. But my Mavic Mini shows channels only from 1-11 in Manual transmission mode and I cannot switch it to 5.8GHz when I’m getting high interference on 2.4GHz. Kindly help please :( FYI, I am in Mauritius and again my Spark works fine on 5.8GHz.
  13. T

    Mavic Air flew away and crashed.

    Hello guys, how you doing? First of all I apologize for my english. Today I was flying my Mavic Air to take some pictures 4 meters above of me and suddenly it got speed and flew away crashing into a building nearby and landed in a parking lot. While it flew away I didnt have any response from...
  14. S

    Mallorcan Cycling - Cap De Formentor

    Took some video of a recent ride with a friend while we were in Mallorca. Hope you enjoy!
  15. Jim D

    White Chuck Mt.

  16. V

    Life on a Tropical Island. Sailing Indonesia

    I fell in love with Meti Island and its people during my visit, so much so that I extended my stay by a week. Such an innocent way of life there, smiling kids, laughing adults. Working hard each day but always together. This is the reason I brought my boat and started on this adventure, to see...
  17. blackomega

    Coal and Grain Export Terminal 4K

    Flight over an Island Terminal, sadly the coal port was on lunch break when I filmed this today so not a lot going on
  18. Jim D

    Glacier Basin, Central Cascades

    Not many glaciers left up here. M2P, Many RAW files stacked & blended, then stitched in ACR.
  19. U

    Cap Fréhel, Bretagne, France | 4K Cinematic Drone Footage

    Hi there, i made my first drone footage last week. Color grading & editing by myself. Let me know if you like it ! Thanks guys :)
  20. V

    Incredible live VOLCANO, part 2 Sailing Indonesia (Learning By Doing Ep 91)

    Dukono Volcano Part 2 After a very short night we got ready to climb to the Volcano crater in part 2 of the Dukono adventure. As our clothes had not had time to dry out and the climate on the mountain being very different than on the coast we spent a very cold few hours in the tent trying to...