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  1. FoxFlight Drone Video

    2 Pro Independence Day Fireworks 2021 - West Shores (Finale Only)

    West Shores is a neighborhood around a man-made lake west of the Omaha area. Every year, they do their own Independence Day fireworks show on or around July 4th. I couldn't resist doing a pre-programmed route around the show. Audio comes from my mobile phone at my position which I then sync'ed...
  2. Charissa

    Long Exposure filters from Freewell

    Hi. I am brand new to this forum, and also a fairly brand new Mavic Air owner looking for good advise. I ordered Freewell Long Exposure ND 128, ND 256 and ND 400 filters. Anyone have them, any reviews, any images taken with them? Advise on photos and videos, regarding this filter set. Which one...