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  1. Aircrew Views

    Mavic 2 Dual Ent. FOR SALE $3500

    Im am selling my M2ED. This was literally flown once. Currently I don't need a $3500 :)oops:) drone sitting in my office. Bought on January 2. Had one successful flight in February. Pictures will show that it has no flaws or scratches. The picture below shows the components being offered. You...
  2. RawRock

    Settings storage

    So I have a Mavic coming in the mail this week and am about to begin my studies into all things Mavic Pro Platinum and DJI goggles RE. So I have a iPad with low GB that is hooked up with my cellular plan and I have unlimited data plan. This should be perfect for my Mavic adventures, correct...
  3. I

    Dual-Control flying The Mavic Pro

    Tried out flying dual with the Mavic Pro... I can see the benefits BUT why oh WHY did DJI Miss the obvious?