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  1. Partizans

    Double-dropper for M2ED or M2E

    Anyone have suggestions for a double-dropper compatible with M2ED or M2E ? Many/most/all of the double-droppers for M2 / M2P aren't compatible because the Enterprise has an accessory connector on top that conflicts. A couple of years ago, I seem to recall a double-dropper was marketed for the...
  2. RawRock

    Settings storage

    So I have a Mavic coming in the mail this week and am about to begin my studies into all things Mavic Pro Platinum and DJI goggles RE. So I have a iPad with low GB that is hooked up with my cellular plan and I have unlimited data plan. This should be perfect for my Mavic adventures, correct...
  3. I

    Dual-Control flying The Mavic Pro

    Tried out flying dual with the Mavic Pro... I can see the benefits BUT why oh WHY did DJI Miss the obvious?