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  1. Mcgon

    Dalkey Island, Dublin, Ireland

    First edited video (novice) from my mavic air. Many of the videos shared in this forum are truly inspirational and educational - thanks for sharing.
  2. Supermangyan

    Greetings from Dublin, Ireland!

    Good day! I started flying in September of 2017. Crashed it a few times. :D looking forward to the summer then I would probably be out flying every chance I get. :)
  3. T

    Blanchardstown, Dublin here.

    Hello from Blanchardstown Dublin. I bought my Mavic a couple of months ago. As a 64 year old, I'm a little nervous and distrusting of technology. However, I gave it a few test flights and tested out the RTH feature. It worked. That was my biggest worry because within two days of flying, I...
  4. G

    Poolbeg Yacht Club - Dublin, Ireland

    A beautiful day in Dublin, Mavic's first trip abroad!
  5. davidduewel

    Dublin Ireland - Photos and Drone Video

    New Mavic Pilot and gave the drone an inaugural flight in during a trip to Dublin, Ireland at Sandymount Beach. Still struggling with the glare from the sunlight. Any advice appreciated! Part 1 - Pictures of the trip (0:00 - 1:05) Part 2 - Drone footage (1:05 - 2:15)