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  1. YourGoodPalJeff

    3 Central Texas Dawn and Dusk

    It's been really cold and windy here, so it's limited my flying time. Calmest times are just before, during, and after dark. Here are some photos I took here in my backyard. There's a golf course across the street, so it gives me a bit more freedom to fly from my driveway since there's a lot...
  2. 66 at Dusk

    66 at Dusk

    Route 66 (Central Ave) at Dusk
  3. desertvet38

    Had To Get My "Fix" With My M2P - Riverview, Florida

    I hadn't flown my M2P in a while, so I had to fire her up and get her up in the air where she belongs! This is my backyard, where I can literally sit in my comfy chair next to my pool, and fly to my hearts content! :cool:
  4. Savon W.

    Sunrise/Sunset - Golden Hour Thread

    Since the dawn of photography people have been drawn to sunrise and sunset. From the long dramatic shadows that stretch on for miles to the ruby red hues with contrasting deep blues. I'd like to see how everyone uses the most dynamic natural light to compose their shots. How does it effect what...
  5. pcalvin

    Mavic anti-collision lights and Part 107

    According to the FAA, to flight at twilight/dusk the SUA must have anti-collision lights that can be seen at 3 statute miles. Are the lights on the Mavic Pro that bright? Are they in compliance with that regulation? Thanks
  6. Adamcain112

    3rd flight

    I just can't find time to fly with work being so busy, I got home and decided to take the Mavic out for a couple minutes. Only being my 3rd time out I am starting to get more comfortable flying still a little nervous. I used 2 Strobe Cree lights on the front arms I am shocked it didn't mess up...
  7. Lutzdrone

    Favorite time to fly sunset and dusk.

    My favorite time to fly and take photos and videos.
  8. Seabas82

    Mavic Pro Dusk and Night Shot of Skyline

    This was a Good Day with clear skies to take the Mavic for a flight to capture the Sunset over the Brickell skyline. Winds 5-10 knots, footage is a combination of manual flying with some pre planned waypoints using Lithchi App. I also used the Polar Pro Vivid series Filter ND4/PL to shoot at the...
  9. C

    Mavic Pro at dusk Boardwalk Timelapse

    Took video of my favorite ride in Santa Cruz, the FireBall. Filmed at 2.7K in tripod mode to get the timelapse effect: