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dynamic range

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    Anyone have a comparison of the Air 2 vs Air 2S camera dynamic range?

    For note: I shoot professionally; commercial and residential properties. I always shoot RAW (and ISO 100). I am struggling in the Arizona sun with my Air 2. I often have to underexpose to save the clouds from blowing out and then heavily boost the shadows to get a decent looking image (here...
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    AEB and exposure range vs manual

    Ive been doing some testing on this lately and am wondering if ive come across a bug or limitation. Using the AEB mode on DJI Go 4 (Android) there appears to be no way to select the exposure range for the shots. The app seems to do this automatically using some sort of algorithm. Due to the...
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    Mavic Camera Mystery Solved A Long Time Ago..

    After reading the super long thread on the Mavics camera issues (Watercolor thread) along with numerous others, I started to mention in them from the start that it was a Dynamic Range was the issue and that it was most likely not fixable, you just have to work within the limitations and compose...