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ebay mavic purchase

  1. IShouldBeWorking

    eBay Discount Code Good for 8/28/2018, Good on Mavic 2's

    eBay is running one of their discount codes site wide again today. Good for up to $100 off if you buy a Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom. Here's some info on the code and links to reputable eBay stores: The new DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom drones are $100 off via eBay today only | Thrifter The deal is good...
  2. P

    New Mavic with a bad battery

    Hi. I just buy a new Mavic (aircraft only) that came in an authentic DJI smaller box but unfortunately battery didn't charge and I buy @ ebay from an unauthorized seller. The aircraft was new since I have to register and activate it before take off. Any possibility that can get a battery...
  3. thefrisbee995

    Shipping Mavic From France to UK (eBay)?

    So I'm looking at buying a Mavic and maybe replacing my P4P. I have seen a listing on eBay for £850. This is a lot cheaper than in UK stores. Does this sound legit to you guys? I've bought "bargains" from Australia before and they have resulted in me paying fat import fees. This should be fine...
  4. J

    EBAY PURCHASES-The price to play!

    OK...I gave in and I purchased a unit from EBAY. I still have units on order from BB and another authorized retailer . But I periodically need "Geeky" retail therapy. So I found a decently priced standard package and It will be to me tomorrow. Am i wrong for giving in and not toughing it out...