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  1. bonka

    Edinburgh without my Mavic battery charger... :(

    So... I grabbed my normally fully stocked photo backpack, soon to discover that I had left my charger behind before going to Scotland. Bummer! I have 70% on one battery and that will at least get me up in the air, but two more batteries would be preferable! Any Mavic pilots in downtown...
  2. S

    Calton hill In Edinburgh Scotland sunset https://youtu.be/v7aOMKX_-YE

    My first Drone and my first video I've made, It's on a Mavic Air and was taken in my home city Edinburgh Scotland
  3. T

    Check in from Edinburgh Scotland!!

    Hi guys just bought my Mavic pro was wondering if anyone from Edinburgh could share some experience.
  4. T

    NEW scottish owner here

    just checking in from UK /Scotland/Edinburgh Ha vent got my mavic yet , its on back order, will be my first drone , decided to go for the mavic when originaly looking at a phantom 3 pro and phantom 4 , then thought why not just go for the mavic. looking forward to getting out with it when i...
  5. BenCathro

    Dawn till dusk. My favourite shots in Scotland so far.

    My first attempt at a making a drone edit. Some jittery frame rates and a couple wobbles but really happy with how it turned out. Never had so much fun with a bit of tech.