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editing video and photos

  1. Paddepanik

    Clip length/Video length

    Hello, Ive only just gotten into editing my material, and i'm not sure on how long clips and videos should be. I usually try and keep my video clips when shooting around 30s so that it's easier to handle in post processing. What is ur personal preferences in: videolength Cliplength Number of...
  2. heo3480

    Easy Color Grading - DaVinci Resolve 14

    You might think that color correction is too difficult to learn and you will be better off with the standard footage from the done. Trust me, the process is super easy with the use of LUT’s or look up tables It’s well worth spending a little time on post processing getting a far better result...
  3. Spanish Flyer

    Two questions; Best program to edit videos and is Mavic's *.raw recognized by PS CS6

    Well basically those are the two questions I had. I have DSLR's and constantly use Photoshop CS6 to develop my raw files, but have no idea if the DJI *.raw files are even accepted by CS6. On the other hand, I find Photoshop very clumbsy and limited when editing video, so I'm sure there are...