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elk mountain

  1. Pasquale Josepe

    The Mean Green Elk Mountain in 4K and the Clouds!

    Hello everyone. I'm proud to share another one of my adventures. This was one hell of a scenic hike and the clouds were so cool to fly through. This was a very lush green mountain with views as far as the eye can see. This is located in Chilliwack BC Canada. As always, I appreciate any...
  2. G

    Mavic Goes on Vacation too ... Idaho Playgrounds

    Took my Mavic on our Summer Vacation and did some flights on the last 2 stops heading home. Wagonhammer and Elk Mtn. Used D-Cinelink with ND16 so Post correction would be minimized. I used Davinci Resolve for the editing. If I did it right the 1st video will lead you to the second video ...