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  1. thefrisbee995

    Mini 2 Wild Camping, Yorkshire Dales, Views From The Mini 2 Were Amazing!

    Went "Wild Camping" up North and the surroundings were nice. But like on many occasions, putting the Mini 2 a couple hundred feet up shows the surrounds beyond "nice". I threw together some of the clips I recorded and uploaded them on youtube. Hope you guys like them!
  2. Derlisz

    Mini 2 A day trip to Lyme Regis. Nice old English seaside resort.

    Lyme Regis is a seaside resort on the coast of Dorset, UK You can find more information here: Lyme Regis - Wikipedia The aerial part of the video was a bit complicated due to a local population of seagulls being particularly aggressive. No copyright music used is available on I...
  3. S

    Air 2 Misty Morning #2, Sefton Park, Liverpool, UK

    A cold morning in Sefton Park, South Liverpool, UK. The 'Palm House' in foreground, the river Mersey in the distance and Wirral and Wales beyond.
  4. Derlisz

    Fort Nothe, Weymouth. One of the best preserved military fortifications in England.

    The video was actually filmed around the summer of 2018 using Mavic Pro and Osmo X3 The description from Wikipedia: Nothe Fort /noʊð/ is a fort in Weymouth, Dorset, England, situated at the end of the Nothe Peninsula, which juts eastwards from the town of Weymouth, and Weymouth Harbour, into the...
  5. Drone UK

    Mavic 2 meets Suspension Bridges

    first time filming something like this
  6. Drone UK

    City of Manchester

    Something a it different. An all B-Roll edit
  7. K

    Flying in England

    Hello fellow pilots! I'm traveling to England from the US and I definitely want to take my drone with me. Do any of you have any advice? Thank you!
  8. NightFlight

    New Pilot (UK)

    I am new to this forum and i am also a new Mavic Pro Pilot although i have been flying Quad Copters for a couple of years, i am going Sunny Beach in Bulgaria next Saturday flying from Leeds in the UK and was wondering if there are any restrictions in regards taking a quad through the airport as...
  9. Chalmers90

    Angel Of The North

    I travelled along to the Angel Of The North, to grab some photography shots of it up close. Whilst I was patiently waiting for the other visitors to admire the artwork, I took the opportunity to get some drone footage from a distance.
  10. Chalmers90

    Simonside Hills Scenery.... My first post.

    So, this is my first post on Mavic Pilots, even after owning a DJI Mavic Pro for well over a year! I'm going to attach a video of a recent visit to Simonside Hills (Northumberland, England) with my friend, Stuart. We decided after scaling to where we wanted to be, to get the drone out and...
  11. thefrisbee995

    Probably The Best Spot To Fly...

    There is an area near me that I frequently fly at known as "Goring Gap" where a lot of hobbyists fly RC planes and quads. I have a load of footage I have accumulated since I got my Mavic a couple of months ago. It's great for practise and a few interesting shots over the fields, green, woodland...
  12. C

    Any Mavic owner in the North East England??

    Hi, I have a Mavic which I bought for my honeymoon and the 'aircraft motor overload' issue has raised its ugly head. I will never get it back in time so I was hoping to pay someone to borrow one for a week for a payment and also I would leave a nice deposit too to ensure I'm genuine. I am so...
  13. Deadpool

    First Mavic video - Keswick, England

    Have a wee look at my first video created using my Mavic and iMovie. I reckon it's not too bad for a first video. Filmed in Keswick, England (was just on a wee weekend trip)
  14. Platypus

    Hello from South UK

    HI all I'm new to drones (above toy grade) recently crashed my Mavic so whilst its in for repair I am scouring the web for drone forums and like-minded people to talk to and maybe fly with!
  15. sdharris

    Hangar 360 Example

    Here is another example from Hangar 360, currently in beta. Hangar 360 Viewer Colours still a bit unnatural, but it appears to be compensating for shadows as half of the gorge below was in shadow when this was taken. Autopano produces a more natural image from the same source files. But the...