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  1. M

    Video time and still time different Confused

    I am just editing all the flights I did on a trip. Very confused about the timing exif/iptc info. Betwwen the videos and stills there are 2 hours apart. So consecutive file names but when the next one is a video from a still or viceversa the times don't match and there is a 2 hours gap between...
  2. R

    Get the coordinates of a pixel from a georeferenced photo

    Good morning, I have a problem with geo-referenced photos from a DJI drone. I have the coordinates of the center of the photo and the metadata related to the photo and I would like to know how to go from a pixel to its relative coordinates. Example metadata [Exif]: latitude: 45.6426621388889...
  3. S

    Incorrect EXIF GPS and Elevation

    Mavic 2 Pro flight and pictures excellent, but image EXIF data shows altitude was a bit over 115 million meters...which would be impressive if true. Lat/Lon also consistently off by about 3/4 mile. This matters when feeding pics into Pix4D photogrammetry software. Anyone else check their EXIF...
  4. M

    EXIF/XMP Heading information

    I've written some scripts to process timelapse photos I'm taking into a video, but I've noticed that some of the images aren't facing the right way. I can't see where camera heading is encoded into the EXIF or XMP portions of the jpg/dng file - does anyone have any experience with this? I've...
  5. Chirp

    How to show metadata on video

    I have not needed to do this until now. I would like to have altitude, GPS coordinates, and maybe more show overlayed on the main video screen. I think it's really simple but it is escaping me at the moment. I used to do it on my P2 but not the MP yet. Please assist! Thank You...
  6. A

    How does the maivc tell the time?

    Hi Guys just a quick one, Im doing a thesis on the mavic pro and need to determine how the time is stamped onto the image. I originally presumed it was GPS time, but when i ran the images through an exif viewer the GPS time wasn't there. Cheers let me know
  7. G

    Vid/Pic Info When Saving From GO 4

    When saving photos & videos from DJI Go 4 (I’m on IOS version), the date and time info does not appear to be saved. Are others experiencing the same? Any suggestions to correct? To be clear, these are the cached images and videos, not files saved/downloaded from Mavic itself.
  8. P

    Mavic Camera GPS Co-ordinates in EXIF data

    The GPS Lat/Lon data ( in the image's EXIF properties ) in Mavic pictures is shown in format Hours, Minutes, Seconds (hddd,mm,ss.s). Our other software is set up in Hours & decimal format (hddd.dddddddd ) Is this a option/setting that can be changed in the Mavic software at all ?? Hopefully it...
  9. Mavician

    GPS data in exif (stills)

    Does anyone know if it is possible to save GPS date into the exif of a still image. It would come handy to check the coordinates where the picture was taken. Tnx, Phil