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exp settings

  1. heo3480

    Uncover Mavic 2 Hidden Setting NOBODY talks about

    This video talks about EXP settings that will make your Mavic 2 Pro footage look a lot smoother if used correctly. This tip is not only for Mavic 2 Pro but applies to another DJI drones that are controlled by a remote, with the exception of DJI Spark
  2. Drone Master

    What Are Your Favorite EXP Settings For Smooth Video?

    Hey Pilots! As many of us know, EXP settings for our aircraft can make or break what we get from our videos. The features we get with our Mavics are amazing to say the least. What are your favorite settings for your EXP with in the Go 4 app for your smoothest video shots? If possible, please...
  3. R

    TapFly - EXP settings not used?

    I have set my EXP setting for Yaw to 0.1 to get smoother footage. I like to use TapFly (free Mode) as this basically replaces Course Lock (but even better as the drone flies a very straight path). However, in TapFly the Drone does not use the predefined EXP settings. Therefore Yaw-speed is too...
  4. Wellsi

    Smoother Camera Settings - Yaw Endpoint, Buffers and EXP

    Hello all I see quite a few great videos posted on here ruined by camera jerk, fast rotation and other sudden movements that are so easy to avoid. Many tutorial videos miss off two of the most important settings you can adjust, namely the Yaw Endpoint and also the Buffers for the Pitch Speed...