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  1. jakub

    Advices you would give yourself from today's perspective

    So as I start my adventure with Mavic Pro (it's not my first drone just to make things clear) I found this forum and I realized how many experienced pilots are here. So, my question: basing on your experience - what advice would you give to younger version of yourself? What are some...
  2. Marty McFly

    Newbie from Germany

    Hello everybody, for two weeks now I have been a proud owner of a Mavic Pro copter. A great machine with great possibiliteis. It is my first flying device and I like to share experience, questions, solutions, emotions and opinions. I am looking forward to fly this forum with you. Best regards...
  3. RCSchim

    RCSchim's indepth review (not the usual stuff :)

    These are my thoughts on the Mavic Pro after around 1 month of flying. So many features - sorry couldnt get it much shorter. Check the video Index (clickable in videos Infobox) to jump directly to interesting parts!