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facebook drone livestream

  1. S

    missing arrow for livestreeming from my page

    Hello everibody. Just trying to livestreem from my page instead of my personal profile, but thre is no arrow beside my profile name where it should be.. Any ideas where I'm doin wrong?
  2. mikey201

    FaceBook Live cant login?

    anybody have this problem? whenever i try to login to facebook live on the dji app i click the login button and it automatically closes that screen out. Youtube works fine I uninstalled and reinstalled the app still didn't work. Then I logged out of the official fb app. Went to dji app and...
  3. CrossBowChris

    Facebook LIVE is pretty amazing...

    I know I am behind on this one but its sooo cool! I was a little unsure how the audio would work. But the audience can hear you. It takes the audio from the phone and connects with with the video from the drone. Its so cool!! Here is my first try with it. Side note I forgot to focus the...