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  1. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Green Fields: Sunrise in the Cowlitz Valley

    Even in depths of the winter the Pacific Northwest is green and beautiful. The farms and forests of the lowlands blend together into a patchwork quilt of pastoral quietude. Flying overhead in the fresh light of a January dawn, one is transported beyond the mundane world of rural America into a...
  2. HiKen51

    Wishing for a zoom lens

    Or at least a longer lens. Wide angle is great for general scenery, but if I had a 100mm lens on my Mavic I could make the mountain in the distance larger. Oh well, Photoshop to the rescue. I increased the distant scenery 150% in this photo of a local farm.
  3. jmalonear

    Flying over old farm silos.

  4. HeavensAbove

    Aftermath of Fire