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  • Hi to everybody. Nice to tell that I found my lost drone. The place where it was landing was in the deep of the woods; nobody could go there by chance and find it. The slope of the ground was pritty steep, so even with precise coordinated the area was pritty difficult and hard to check. But finally the research was succesfull
    I got the coordinates from Litchi and it seemed very precise. I checked on Google Earth. The coordinates of the Home and landing position were exactly at the dstance shown by Litchi. I was confident I could find, but unsuccesfull.
    I tried to download data from RC or from my Iphone, but in DJI Assistant I got the message "failed to transfer".
    Any suggestion?
    Don't use Litchi. What led to it not RTH? Do you have cached footage of video from flight? If you left it a day before you went for it someone may have found it and taken it? If it's been lying for a day it will have powered down and there will be no leds showing so its going to be difficult to spot given its size even if you can narrow it down to a small area. It's possibly up in a tree!
    Good morning. Let me ask a question to an expert (long time ago member).
    Last Saturday my Mavic landed far about 300 m from the Home. Unfortunately it was in the woods, in a difficult area to walk in: steep slope, harsh. But I got the coordinates and the exact distance from home.
    Next day I was with a GPS looking in that area with a precision of few meters, but the quad was not there.
    Hey, what's your youtube channel? Curious to see some of your videos...
    There's a link in the YouTube channels page. I'll get it for you if you can't find it.
    Hi don't want to post publicly incase maplins make changes but they offer to price match and refund the difference so once I have it in my hand that is what I intend to do . I've seen it advertised for about 1000 for Fly more so I'll see how I getnon
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