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  1. R

    Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Pro X

    I’ll start by saying I’m a novice when it comes to photo/video editing. I see there is fcp and fcpx with X being the latest. I also understand the user interface is different between fcp and fcpx. I was deciding between fcp and divinci resolve and picked fcp. Right at the moment I went to...
  2. C

    How to Import/Export Mavic Mini Footage FCPX?

    Hello, this is my first drone and I have Final Cut Pro X. Was wondering what is the best import and export settings for the Mavic Mini to present on Youtube when complete. Thank you.
  3. Drone UK

    Canary Adventure Cruise Go Pro Hand Slap Travel Video

    The other side of my Drone hobby is to make some Go Pro videos. Let me know what you think to this Hand Slap style edit.
  4. C

    4k Videos Won't Import Directly into FCPX

    Hey Guys, I'm a pretty new Mavic 2 Pro owner, and I have a bit of an issue: my 4k, 24fps videos (and higher) won't import directly into FCPX. I've tried different settings, .mov vs .mp4 and everything else I can think of. I'm having doubts now that I'm thinkning about it, but I'm pretty sure...
  5. tydrones

    First time flying in Dominican Beach Punta Cana 4K

    Manual Colour Grading done let me know if you think .... Thanks
  6. G

    Video of lake properties using FCPX and LUTs

    Hi folks. I shot some video of properties on Lake Petersburg in Illinois to show to some folks who live on the lake. I was mainly interested in getting some footage to play around with FCPX and some LUTs I just purchased. I like how the LUTs worked with just some fine tuning by me. I know the...
  7. Oyibo VFX

    Using DJI's SRT files in Final Cut Pro X

    Hey guys As said, I've just uploaded a short tutorial of how we can use the SRT files (they come standard in your Mavic Pro while filming) in Final Cut Pro X. Please note that most programs do NOT handle SRT files. FCPX for sure not. So, conversion is the only option and this is easy. Just...
  8. celurae

    Dutch Landscape

    One of my first ( and many to follow ) videos I created with the Mavic. This one was filmed above typical landscaping in The Netherlands, close to my hometown. Unfortunate I did find out I have the blur issue in right lower corner, so'll be sending it back to DJI soon :( Hope you like the video.
  9. Piranha

    FCPX export-bad results, need your help

    Guys, I just switched to FCPX and found that I do something wrong with export of final movie I edited my 2.7K footage add some color correction and than share master file in 2.7k, result is disappointing totally :( picture is unsharp, all details washed out, what I'm doing wrong
  10. Oyibo VFX

    Approaching my site

    Enjoy (this is the Autopilot version)
  11. G

    Sully Island in 4K - D-Cinelike Colour Graded footage

    Hi everyone, here is a a minute with the Mavic Pro in Wales. Shot in D-Cinelike Edited in FCPX and graded with Color Finale.
  12. Oyibo VFX

    Oshun River (Nigeria)

    Have a look Me
  13. Oyibo VFX

    Nigerian village fly by

    Have a look here. Most of you never will see "real" Africa Shot in 4K Me
  14. Oyibo VFX

    4K CallOuts

    Hello, Just editing a small movie from the local community here (will post that on YouTube later) and wanted to add some CallOuts (people using FCPX or Premiere knows what that is) and noticed that the CallOut app I bought for a previous project from Pixel Film Studios doesn't work with 4K...