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firmware issues

  1. N

    DJI Mavic Pro Battery signal error after firmware update

    Hi, I have just recently updated the firmware on my Mavic pro, it was flying perfect on both batteries a few hours before the update and now it wont accept either battery and wont take off due to the error. Everything else seems to be working fine apart from this. All batteries are genuine DJI...
  2. Str8up180

    Mavic 2 Pro firmware wont download

    Anyone else having this problem with their new Mavic Pro 2? Its requiring a firmware update but keeps saying I'm disconnected from the network. My wifi and internet speeds are excellent and I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the GO4 app.
  3. G

    Why Mavic Pro can't connect to PCs?

    Closest thing to a smoking gun so far. Two Windows Event Viewer notifications below (Microsoft admits these are not always filed) seem to identify my Mavic Pro and Controller which remain unrecognized by my PC despite drivers and cord swappings — something of an epidemic, it seems. Let's assume...
  4. R

    As soon as i take off RTH activates. Unable to fly*

    A while ago, maybe 2 weeks back, i updated to the latest firmware v01.03.0200. Updated via iOS so everything got updated nice and fine (remote, mavic, battery etc.). Except for the video quality (that seems to get worse with every update) everying went fine till this update, no erratic...
  5. Calhoun Ranger

    Mavic quality and customer service

    I am a "Mavic watcher". I really want one badly; I have owned a P3P for a year now and LOVE it. In looking at feedback in various places, I see an uncomfortable amount of negative comments about the quality of the Mavic, the number of malfunctions, firmware bugs, the lack of customer service at...